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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRaivyn Elanya Byrd

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPale cream colored fur covers her body with a soft orange markings. She appears to be almost vixen-like in apperance, with a bushy tail and two stripes at the corner of her eyes.
Hair ColourThe fur at the top of her head is let to grow long and reach the top of her waist, its color like that of pale gold. Its not thick but it is silky to the touch and very fine strands.
Eye ColourShe is gifted with pale blue eyes and has been told that there is a ring of brown by the pupil.
ClothingShe prefers to wear full length dresses, long skirts or pants and a shirt. Choosing colors of a dark pallet, although she sometimes wears paler colors. Most of the dresses and skirts are in a Victorian style, though most of the dresses are more medieval look.
AccessoriesOn one finger is an antique looking tiger-eye ring. She also has a silver ring with a mother-of-pearl. The only other thing she wears are three pairs of earings and a butterfly pendant around her neck.
WeaponryHer weapon of choice is a staff. Light brown in color it has vines twining around its length. At the top of the staff all the vines come together to form the trunk and branches of a tree. She prefers long range weapons such has staffs and javelins but also likes swords and daggers.
Outstanding FeaturesBelow her right eye is a pale purple butterfly. On her back are a pair of wings, their color changing with her mood and her wish. Unlike other wings, her's are shaped like a fae's. They can stretch out to look like butterfly wings or fold against her back to look more insect-like.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA warm and loving person she is always ready to make new friends. Her life has taught her to be strong though at sometimes she is still weak and needs to lean on someone.
BackgroundPacifist, almost to a fault, her past is oddly enough filled with trouble. Having lived in past lives, she lost most of her memory. Which makes writting a background kind of hard.
LikesLots of things. Music, singing, celtic style anything.
DislikesNot much of anything. Pain, death, un-needless suffering seems to cover it. And spinich, she doesn't like spinich.
LocationCurrently, Seattle, Washington. Though the only place that she has found that she is willing to call home is Scotland.
OccupationDoes peace-maker count?
Additional InfoAddicted to ghost stories and shows.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"What is not yet done, is only what we have not yet attempted."

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