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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKano
Age1,036 years
Height6 feet
Weight170 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourfur is colored more or less typically, white through the front of his torso, brown across his paws, and rusty orange everywhere else.
Eye Colourblue.
ClothingA heavy black cloak with a deep hood, often pulled back. Beneath the cloak he wears a pair of immensely baggy white pants, designed to allow him completely free movement. When he throws off his cloak, it means a fight.
Weaponryunarmed. He fights using only punches, kicks, and the occasional primitive energy wave.
Outstanding Featuresstretched, triangular, black markings under his eyes

Personality & Background

PersonalityThough his backround is one of immense responsibility and pressure, he adapted quickly to his current lifestyle, wandering aimlessly. He views his royal heritage as part of a different lifetime and it has next to no effect on him anymore. After all, he has been a prince of nothing for over a millenium now, and he appreciates his new, carefree existence. Certain mannerisms have remained with him from his past life, and despite his appearance he is ever the aristocrat. He is well spoken to the point of sounding pretentious at times, and is extraordinarily well mannered. Despite the fact that his former life was destroyed by macros, he harbors no grudge against them, and is in fact fascinated by them. There are rumors that his relations with one in particular go deeper than might seem proper. Overall he is quite benevolent, and does not regret the events that have ocurred in the past, viewing them as simply 'the way of things'.
BackgroundHe was born a prince, and was an emperor by the age of fifteen. Though he proved to be a skilled leader and general, his empire was destroyed by an army of macros afflicted with a magical bloodlust long ago and has since faded into history. He was almost killed defending his citadel during the final siege; he directly challenged multiple macros and proved far too inexperienced to put up an effective fight. He was rescued and carried from the rubble by his closest 'friend', the macro vixen Lauralin.
Likestraveling, macros, ruins, and Lauralin
Dislikesthe thought of being chained into a position of leadership again, (although the way he lives now he doesn't need to worry about that)
LocationGenerally not any one place for long, although no matter where he goes, he always returns to Lauralin's home in the forest near the ruins of his empire.
OccupationHe has no real occupation, but simply wanders the world, living off of the land and the hospitality of strangers. He only wants to explore new places and meet new people, especially macros. In contrast to his numerous good relationships with the giants, it has been said that he occasionally uses his unique skills to attack malicious macros. Generally he is forced to flee from these encounters, but his ability to make miraculous recoveries has kept him alive through every defeat. Occasionally he wins, though this is usually only with the help of Lauralin, whose power, size, and strength complement his own agility and speed quite nicely.
Additional InfoThough he is only a micro, he underwent serious magical enhancements in his attempts to defend his empire from the macros, and he has gained many unnatural abilities. He does not age, his strength and speed greatly surpass that of any mortal, he can leap immense distances and uses his jump combined with his enhanced reflexes to effectively dodge macro attacks. He is capable of regenerating any portion of his body as long as his mind remains intact. Despite all of these strengths, he is unable to defeat any particularly strong macro due to his sheer vulnerability, (a square hit or stomp from a macro would crush him beyond even his ability to heal). When he is with Lauralin, the two form a powerful team and work together flawlessly in combat. Her strength and power and ability to actually take hits from the opposition often balances the fight while Kano's fierce and generally unexpected attack easily tips the scale. Lauralin is perhaps the only person to become as close as she has, and often when they are together he will act entirely different, less distant than usual and more open. Even his flowery language will become more direct and colloquial.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Lauralin dear, I have to admit, when I first bumped into you I really didn't like you."