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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLauralin

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Coloursame coloration as Kano, without the accents beneath the eyes
Hair Colourlong and red
Eye Colourgreen
ClothingOriginally wearing a full set of ancient armor, she cast most of it away when her bloodlust left her. Keeping only what was required for modesty, she now wears a sort of chain mail skirt and a wide cloth tied tightly around her chest.
WeaponryAgainst other macros she uses her fists and teeth, and seeing as her original purpose was war, she is quite an accomplished brawler. Against micros, well, whatever she feels like.
Outstanding Featuresshe's pretty tall...

Personality & Background

PersonalityContrary to her first impression with Kano, Lauralin is very kind and compassionate. She is extremely gentle around micros, and does not particularly enjoy fighting even against other macros. Despite this, she can become quite dangerous when called upon to defend Kano or herself, not hesitating to kill hostile macros or the occasional micro if said micro is too dangerous. She is an extreme introvert, and generally will not leave her territory in the forest unless called to do so by Kano or very, very pressing business.
BackgroundShe was created by the magics of the first Kitano Augustus as a super weapon, and her early years were spent stomping, chomping, and utterly crushing whoever her masters deemed her enemies. When Kano used the Horn of Augustus to free her and the other macros from the control of the Kul' Tor, she joined her fellows in a bout of temporary insanity and an attack on Kano's capital city during which her hands were undoubtedly stained with only more blood. When the horn's power took full effect and the blood lust was wiped from her mind, she immediately became the caring vixen we all know and love today, and she did so just in time to save Kano from an untimely and very demeaning end. Shortly after the fall of Kano's empire, when all of her kind had broken free of the bloodlust, she was called upon to fight once again alongside her new companion as the macros of Augustus became embroiled in a civil war to decide the fate of the micros within the world. Eventually the enemy macros were suppressed and she faded from the public eye into her grounds within the forest.
LikesKano, micros (she finds them comical in general)
DislikesGod-complexes, the idea of slavery
LocationDeep in the forest near the ruins of Kano's capital city.
Additional InfoA skilled fighter in her own right, she works excellently alongside Kano in battle and acts as the muscle of the team, shielding Kano, providing him a platform for his attacks, and throwing in her own devastating blows when openings appear. Much of her time, however, is spent watching over her forest, and the area is known as a very safe place for travelers.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"You're going to kill me with your sword? That's so cute! I just can't get mad at you little things."