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Big bull!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameCeithen Bloomsford
Height9' 3

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShort, solid dark reddish brown fur covers his entire body, yet it is thick only on his head, under his arms, and around his groin.
Hair ColourJust dark reddish brown, though longer than the fur on the rest of his body.
Eye ColourHis eyes are an eerie bluish grey color, and attracts attention from people near him.
ClothingCeithen wears very little, usually a brown leather loincloth and a pair of thick metal bangles around his arms he uses to passively keep up his strength.
AccessoriesThe only accessories of note are the nipple rings Ceithen wears. He decided to pierce them to convince himself of how tough he was, and also because he finds them sexy.
WeaponryCeithen uses his natural weapons as a minotaur, mainly his hooves, horns, and fists. He is a skilled fighter, and often surprises his enemy with quick attacks.
Outstanding FeaturesHis horns are pure white, and grow from the side and forward. His hooves are also a deep black.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA very friendly and polite minotaur, though unintentionally intimidating. Is extremely loyal to his friends, but hates ones who would betray them. Is normally calm, but is excitable. Tends to get angry and even hostile if he keeps failing at something.
BackgroundTo be updated soon!
LikesSeafood, video games, watching movies with friends, almost any kind of drink (careful, the minotaur gets drunk fast for someone his size), juice, flirting, napping, canines of all kinds, and sour food!
DislikesBBQ, spiders (it's sad to see a beefy minotaur shrieking at the first sign of one), having his fur shaved off, hanging out with his family for more than a day, and assholes.
OccupationCeithen is currently a courier, since it gives him a lot of time for himself to train and socialize. He is also an aspiring writer.