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Akathartos in Egypt. Thank you so much Abi for the picture.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAkathartos
AgeWell over 5,000.
Weight280lbs of muscle.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShort length dark to light grey fur. Straight.
Hair ColourSame as above, however, on the top of his muzzle and upon his forehead there is a streak of light grey, almost white fur. Same length as the rest.
Eye ColourDeep obsidian hue.
ClothingObsidian hued trench coat with crimson trimming and buttons. No shirt beneath, simply showing off his muscular form. Dark blue jeans upon his legs; belt made of flexible gold. Entwining with yellow straps and a tangerine hued Ankh which held it together. Pants of an azure hue, clinging tightly to his thick legs. Ebon leather combat boots upon feeting. Hands covered within same material; fingerless gloves as arms were wrapped within bandages.
WeaponryA very long Claymore, silver edged with a soft but demonic looking grip hold. The blade was jagged edged and slightly black, with the signature, Akathartos in bright gold. ~ Made by Takashi Nezu (Older Ver.)
Outstanding FeaturesNone

Personality & Background

PersonalityCalm and tranquil. Though has a rough exterior when you first meet him. Gruff. Dispassionate and cruel when angered.
BackgroundAnubis' son. Demi God, punished for helping a mortal from death's hands. Brought to the mortal world and was casted here for many centuries, never to return. However, he met a fallen Angel/ Lycan female; Abigail, and grew to love her immensly. Her being the only person to see his good side.
LikesAbigail Sengir ~ Engaged to her. Weapons. Death. Darkness. Ancient Egypt and the Dark Gods. Sunsets.
DislikesMornings. Getting pissed off ~ Aha. Annoying people.
LocationEgypt. Seven Deadly Sins.
OccupationWeaponry Master at the Seven Deadly Sins.
Additional InfoNone.

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