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the dragon by candle light

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRampage
SpeciesDragon Demonkin
Agelooks to be 22
Height6ft2in (can change size and shape with ease)
Weight300 with all his robes on

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourred anthro dragon
Hair Colourlong Silver hair that goes to about the middle of his back
Eye Coloursoft and kind yellow eyes that seam to calm the ones he's with when he looks into their eyes
Clothingwhite t-shirt,black pants, a heavy blue Mage robe with tssles from the shoulders running down past his waist
Accessoriesa silver necklace around his neck the "Anhk"
WeaponryDemonkin Magic and The Dragons Katana

Personality & Background

Personalitynormally happy and cheerful, he will defend that witch he loves and holds close. like all dragons he can be kind or meaner then a bear.
Likescuddling,snugs, the snuggle demoness and much more
Dislikesthe sun....too bright
Locationlook for Sasaki...i'm not too far from her most the time