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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMistress Bea
GenderHerm, appears female
Weight127 kg

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe has a pure white fur that covers her intire body where she doesnt have hair, in the right light it seems to glow making her body angelic.
Hair ColourHer head fur is a vivid orange colour, it travels down her neck, stopping just at her shoulder blades and it also coveres her wrists and ankels forming a natural sleeve around the hands and hoofes.
Eye ColourHer eyes, matching her mane, glow a bright orange, a strange colour for eyes but are said to be very big and beautiful, capturing the mind and soul of whoever dares to look .
ClothingShe wears a orange corset, that gives her some of her nice curves, the corset covering her bust, but stops just at her nipple, leaving a vast amount of cleavage, under her corset she wears a dress that goes down to her ankle, it too is orange, an orange velvet like material that clings to her body when sitting yet flows beautifully when walking about.
AccessoriesThe two accessories that stand out the most on this lady are the two flaming objects on her, one being a butterfly made from fire that sits on her ear, often seen fluttering from one ear to the other, and the other is a flaming rose, sitting in a loop of her corset, these two items were given to her by an imp friend, named Impus, the butterfly will protect her if needed and will obey commands from her, the two objects will not burn her as the kind imp did not wish them too, but she can wish the items to burn others, so be careful what you say.
WeaponryShe carries no weaponry, only the butterfly that she hopes never to use, for who would want to attack her? She is sure she doesn't want to attack anyone else.
Outstanding FeaturesHer shapely body, helped out with her corset, with a very large bust, 44EE, then going in at the waist, but not too far in, and her large hips splaying out, she certainly isn?t the thin type of fur, but she isn?t fat either, just a nice comfortable slightly chubby figure.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe is a polite furson, often sitting up straight with her hands in her lap, with nice manners as that is how she was brought up, she will address anyone by Sir or Ma'am until she knows their name, she tries to be as kind as possible to everyone around her.
BackgroundShe was born into a cruel family who always hated her for who she was, how she was born, soon after running away from them she was found by a rich professor who was indeed interested in the herm he had found, and raised her as his own, teaching her manners and giving her clothes he was a kind soul, studying her, how she acted and reacted, and collecting information on her for his research, when she got older, so did the professor and soon enough she had to face his death, going peacefully he died of old age in his sleep, Bea, being the only one that ever knew him, and loved him, received all of his possessions and wealth but she is yet to spend or use any of it, for the day he died she ran away, as far as she could, until her past was behind her again.
LikesKind people, and people who are polite, if you are kind and polite to this fur then most often you may see more of her, and if this occurs she is into almost anything other then rape, scat, water sport, torture or anything involving pain, but you will also need a decent RP ability.
DislikesRudeness or pain are her main dislikes, also Net Speak, if you talk to her make sure you at least try and use real words, she isn?t too harsh on it, but she will not talk to you if you use words like "r, u, ur, lol etc".
LocationBorn in Australia, but currently reciding in Furcadia, trying to get away from the pain of her loss.
OccupationAt this presant time she has on occupation, but is always open to offers.
Additional InfoI would love for someone to draw a picture of me, I am somewhat an artist, but a very bad one, so I wish to see my character look at least a little bit better, so if you would like to then I would love to see it, it doesn't matter if it is yiffy or not, both are welcome, thank you.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I plan to live forever, or die trying." -Me