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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShimmer Lightmoon
SpeciesSkolf (wolf/skunk)
Weighti guess it would be tons...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey fur coat with skunk stripes down the back and tail
Hair ColourLightgold
Eye ColourAmber
ClothingUsually a short sleeved shirt and jeans. Likes to dress light to keep cool. Other clothing includes a lab coat when working with chemicals in a lab.
AccessoriesWears glasses occasionally when reading. Doesn't need them that much, just makes me look smarter.
Outstanding FeaturesSkunk tail instead of a wolf one

Personality & Background

PersonalityUsually doesn't talk much to people he doesn't know. But when time goes on, I talk more and like to get to know people. I can be quick to anger at times, and never know when to quit. But I don't abandon people when they are in dire need. I also have my own morals I like to listen to and believe that everyone should strive for what they want.
BackgroundOk, gonna try to sum this up. Use to be a wolf. Started in alchemy and screwed up. I destroyed half my home town and was sent away to BFCC. There i learned more about alchemy, and made a good amount of friends. Though I still had problems with alchemy and botched again, releasing my darker self into the world and endangering my friends and family. Though finally defeated and locked in the back of my memory with the help of Crux. Though the fight left me at 100ft tall. As for turning into a skolf, that will come soon
LikesReading, Alchemy, writing. Sometimes the...naughty stuff...;)
DislikesAnnoying furs,
LocationBFCC dorms
OccupationCurrently a student at BFCC. Majoring in Alchemy

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteThere are quick ways to reach your goal. But striving for it and working towards it only make better

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