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Sketched by Shiro Nanagase

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMiss Alexiel
WeightYou know you should never ask that to a lady

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe has a white pelt with orange stripes, sort of like an orange zebra. The white parts glowing in the sunlight.
Hair ColourHer head fur is a lovely chocolate brown, that contrasts beautifully off of the other colours she has/wears.
Eye ColourEyes much like the rest of her, is a bright orange, made that way by contact lenses, you will rarely see her with blue eyes because that means she has to wear her glasses, which she doesn't like.
ClothingShe has two different attires that she wears, one more casual, being a pair of green cargo pants that fit loosely around her legs but a nice tightness around her rump, with her orange g-string ridding up either side, almost being lost in her orange stripes, then for her top she wears a orange tank top that stops just above her belly button. The other type of clothing you will see her in is much more formal, when she goes out she generally wears a purple corset, reinforcing her bust, with a long flowing crushed velvet purple dress, making a very elegant scene
AccessoriesNone that can be seen.
WeaponryShe doesn't need them.
Outstanding FeaturesHer body shape is much like her sisters, a rather large bust, with a not so thin, but thin enough waist, and then some wide hips, again, she isn't fat, but she isn't the skinny girl either, just nice comfortable chubby .

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe?s very bubble and straight forward, never one to whisper any comment because she doesn't mind if the rest of the bar hears it, and she?s always excited and ready for anything.
BackgroundShe is a twin to her sister, Mistress Bea, but she was born without the extra male parts, so her family treated her well (especially her younger bother) but hated her sister, eventually Bea ran away and they haven't heard about her until the day she died, after the master that Mistress Bea had been living with died just before her, this happening left the money that the rich master had going straight to Alexiel?s family, as the master had no family and Bea thought it best to give it to the family that raised her, but Alexiel had been living with her poorsih family until the news came, but when they heard of her tragic death they inherited a mass amount of money and now Alexiel lives both the rich and poor life, sometimes looking like she belongs to the two different types
LikesShe enjoys strong larger males, but not cruel ones, just ones that she can be taken by, she likes bondage, but nothing heave or painful.
Dislikespain is her main one, that and most of the extream fettishes.
LocationFamily and home in Australia, but she spends 90% of her time in Furcadia
OccupationNone to speak of, but she is always up for offers
Additional InfoIn furcadia her ID is Miss Alexiel, incase you wanted to contact her there

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I plan to live forever or die trying" -me

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