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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePhantom
AgeUnknown (Immortal)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThis is various depending on the current gender. As a male he is covered with pure white fur excluding black rings at the end of four long fluffy tails, and a black circle with spike like protrusions over his left eye. As a female she has pure black fur, excluding the white underbelly and the tips on the five tails, and finally a white crescent over her right eye. As a hermaphrodite shi has shiny silver fur covering much of hir body. Of course, shi has a white underbelly and white tips on hir nine tails. In addition, shi has velvety black fur on hir paws and ears. Finally shi has a black circle with protrusions over hir left eye, and a white crescent over hir right.
Hair ColourAs a male he has white hair falling down to his shoulders, two strips falling over his face, just a bit off from covering his eyes. The two strips reach down to his muzzle. As a female she has a deep raven black hair that falls all the way down to the middle of her back, and falls over her eyes sometimes. As a hermaphrodite a mixture of white and black finally reaches hir backside, the hair falling in front of hir eyes ocasionally as with hir female persona.
Eye ColourAs a male he has a crystal blue pair of eyes. As a female her eyes are predatorial and striking yellow. Finally as a hermaphrodite she has a calming green gaze like two jades.
ClothingNothing usually.
AccessoriesVarious rings and piercing. If those are considered accessories anyway...
WeaponryRaw physical power as a male, incredible magic as a female, and both as a hermaphrodite makes these obsolete.
Outstanding FeaturesAs a male, massive muscles, particularly his well developed, but somewhat beastial legs that lead to a massive pair of paw like feet. His female form is smaller, with unbelievable curves in an hour glass figure, wide hips, large breasts and an impossibly round ass. She has several silver piercings in her large ears. As a Hermaphrodite shi retains the muscles, but also has the female forms impossible curves, even larger breasts, a rounder and plumper ass. Shi retains all hir piercings.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAll are very intelligent in their own ways, though the male is more knowledgable, where as the female is wise and cunning. The hermaphrodite is of course, both. The male is very shy, but he's caring and kind. In addition he's very trusting and can be quite submissive, but has a raging beast within. The female persona is dominating and predatorial, as well as wrathful. She can be kind and loving if given the chance however, and may even allow someone to dominate her. The hermaphrodite is loving and compassionate and fiercly loyal. Shi is also submissive by nature, but sometimes likes to dominate others. The male and hermaphrodite are very friendly, however the female isn't too trusting.
BackgroundA shy young man came into contact with a female Kitsune spirit. The Kitsune attempted to use him as a vessel to enter the world, but the possession caused him to become deathly ill. Their spirits became one regardless, but it resulted in a gender confused creature that doesn't know itself or its past. It constantly shifts between two personas, both subconciously manifesting a physical form that over compensates for their particular gender. The hermaphrodite is a harmony between the two. They manifest into the physical world by the alternate means of absorbing life from the plants around them.
LikesAll forms love beautiful women. The female in specific loves dominance, and the hermaphrodite loves submission.
DislikesStupidity (For starters)