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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGabrielle Montago "Gabby"
Weight!40 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPelt is a silky ebony.
Hair ColourAgain Ebony.
Eye ColourNeon Green.
ClothingShe has her own sense of style, always dresses in black and is normally seen in, Black cargo like pants that normally have chains criss crossing the front. Her combat boots are always black leather and have spikes pointing out of the toes. Her shirts vary but her favorite one she is many seen in would be her Short sleeved button up black shirt and a black halter top.
AccessoriesShe wears a chain necklace of silver with a small charm quite like a silver claw. Wears several wrist bands of black or silver in nature. Only owns one purple wrist band. Has a sort of charm that dangle's from her tail, Odd yes but neat. And a silver pocket watch. And wears Silver rim glasses in the shape of ovals.
WeaponryHer claws , Tee Hee.
Outstanding FeaturesThe true only distinguishing feature this fae has is one ear is oddly white.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe is openminded, but often takes fault in for most things she does. She has a nack about her that boggles the mind of most people. Most will notice she creates her own english language, but most will also say its fun and they love it. She is often noted to sing to herself, ALOT but has a great singing voice so no harm done! And if given a chance can play a mad guitar! She has a heart of gold, but can easily be broken if not treated with the proper manner. She attaches easily to anyone that she comes in contact with and can become bothersome if she really likes them =P. But means no harm really, just thrives off of love. Just a side note or two, she is extremely clingy, so be careful for what you wish for haha ahem.
BackgroundHas had alot of heartbreak in her life and really does not wish to dicuss alot of it. However, with that said one thing can be told about Gabby, had alot of men hurt her in the past therefore this causes her not to easily accept new guys.
LikesShe has interesting taste, it would never be excepted by the naked eye. As most people would classify her as a goth or punk, which she is sort of both but a bit beyond that. Gabby, enjoys all types of music except rap , country and EMO her favorite is rock of any type. She is artistic, drawing all the time and loving it. She likes to be pampered at times, and normally likes to pamper back ahem. She often climbs a tree to hang out in it, her feline reflexes give way to that. Anything else you pretty much just need to talk to her to find out.
DislikesCloseminded individuals, EMO =D, peas, and snakes. She has a issue with them, but enjoys the company of other reptiles. =)
LocationShe has a small apartment in Furcadia.
OccupationPart Time Musician.
Additional InfoSometime soon perhaps? =P She has no mate at the momento.