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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRion Systral
SpeciesBening Shark ( Anthro-Shark )
HeightNormally 26' 10

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis skin has the traditional feel of all sharks: soggy sandpaper; and also traditional to the skin of all sharks, his dorsal area is a different color than his frontal area. In other words his back is a different color than his front. His back is actually a blue color so as to be invisible to views on the surface of the water, while his front is a light-grey.
Hair ColourNone.
Eye ColourHis eyes are wild, with silvery-white irises and small black pupils.
ClothingThe only actual clothing Rion wears is a pair of tight fitting blue spandex shorts that wrap snuggly around his hips, showing off his thigh muscles. He is aware that some people rather not see spandex and a male, especially when it is so tight. Partially for that reason, he also wears a neat loincloth that is just as blue as his shorts, made out of a cloth as fine as silk but not as shiny. The loincloth flares out at the top and covers most of his rump and all of the rather large package that he has under his shorts. The edges do not appear to have any tear, coming down to two points in between his knees. The two points have holes tailored in and dangling from each is a large shimmering tear-drop shaped crystal, clear as a diamond as brilliant in sheen. They are used both as weights to keep the loincloth from showing off what is underneath as well as for a nice ornamental touch.
AccessoriesAvias Rion wears no form of clothing on his upper body, preferring his fins to be free rather than surrounded by cloth of any sort. But he does wear some equipment. Wrapped around his chest and strapped over his shoulders is a metal harness, with two monumental water-resistant jet engines built into it. The harness is painted white, with some brown showing from ware and tear from rubbing against his under arms. The engines are painted entirely black, except for the coned area around the rocket exhaust area which is silver along with the inside mechanics. When activated the engines spew a large amount of blue exhaust energy at near sonic speeds, which is needed to lift this guy off the ground.
WeaponryHis main weapon is his body, which is good for capsizing boats and devouring its contents. Hehe. >:) But he is also quite skilled with all sorts of weaponry, both melee and projectile.
Outstanding FeaturesUnderneath his interesting feeling skin is an organic panoply of ungodly gargantuan muscles. His biceps are as big as his large head, and almost as big as one of hulking pectoral muscles. His large arms, often curled and ready to bare down on unsuspecting littles below, end in large claws, each with four clawed and webbed fingers. The impression of a few veins can be seen pulsing through his hefty chest, and his stomach sports not three but four pairs of abdominal muscles. One ( or should we say two ) interesting features about this shark is that he has a pair of legs, and they are indeed hard to miss. His thighs bulge out greatly, reminiscent of his biceps, along with the rest of the muscles all the way down to his dangerously huge webbed feet. Another interesting set of features to this guy is that instead of one dorsal fin that is seen on the sharks on Earth, Rion has two. One of the large thick flaps sprouts from this head and neck, curling nearly three and a half feet above his head. ( He has no neck really; his head is just bent down from the position of an real shark. ) The other dorsal fin is in the center of his back. Going along his spine from the back of his first fin all the way to his tail fin is a series of dark blue bumps. A very thick slate colored tail sprouts from his behind, swaying back and forth constantly with large dark blue fins bending side to side with each sweep.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRion is not a very nice character, but he is not really your average bully either. Sure he likes tormenting littles a lot, but there are times when he can be really friendly at times. He merely enjoys poking fun at those weaker than him. Though that's normally with those he doesn't know, like if he were terrorizing a city. But with his friends he's a rather good friend.
BackgroundNo one knows really where he came from. Some say he was captured and raised along side Carnages in Shaydon's army. All we do know is that Rion walked out of the ocean, all giant and strong, and full of the desire for destruction. He also gained a mysterious power that allows to size-shift to a larger size, which he apparently enjoys greatly. The power was only limited however, only allowing him to grow to twice his size. Eventually after long taxing hours he was finally placed under arrest by Fionese authorities. But he was not imprisoned and didn't receive a death sentence; instead his captors believed he could be 'purified' from the Devil's cruel upbringings. To some degree they suceeded into making him a being that could be set free. But deep inside Rion still lusted for power, and for growth. To him the feeling of growing and overpowering his fellow sentients was so euphomous that he tried to find ways of getting that power; being able to double his height and nearly quadruple his strength wasn't enough anymore. Finally, acting like he was a good-natured student, he enrolled in BFCC and studied alchemy and other sciences and magics. He finally was able to get his hands on the information he need in order make himself grow. He was not aware of the potentials of it though. ( to be continued...? )
LikesEating things and destroying things and scaring things. >:D
DislikesThings that prevent him from getting what he wants. Being hungry.
LocationWanders; commonly seen at Big Furs Community College
OccupationBrute force member of mercenary trio.
Additional Info( There may be a story that will be posted about how Rion gains the power he is looking for )

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"It's either my way, or which ever way my foot goes."