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Just an average werewolf

Vital Statistics!

Character NameWerewolfhero
Heightabout 7ft

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFur is Greyish-silver. White chest fur.
Hair ColourA long black mane
Eye Colourcrystal blue
ClothingUsually seen wearing common every day street clothes.
AccessoriesPossesses a silver wolf ring.
WeaponryPossesses average werewolf fangs, claws and does possess an old, rusty broadsword.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTries to be there for others when possible. Often feels out of the loop sometimes.
BackgroundOriginally born with secret untapped powers, unknown even to himself. One fateful day he was assaulted by a powerful demon. In the fight an ancient family heirloom was destroyed releasing the spirit of his former lifetime also releasing his hidden powers. At first his powers were glitch ridden at best, but he continued to train as best he could on his own in order to master them. By the time that he was finally starting to tap into them and use them, they were quickly stripped from his being by the daemon Resu.
LikesWarm weather, drawing, some writing, music, anime, friends, irc, pizza, pepsi, etc.
Dislikesspiders, cold weather, being left out.
LocationRight behind you o.o
OccupationAdmin to TherianReign http://therianreign.org
Additional InfoAdopted brother to Mud, Mike, Seth, Akila, Mitzi, Kingdead, and many others. Also due to the dark magics Resu used to separate himself from the demon spirit that lived within him, he occasionally reverts to his younger werewolf pup, self.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"We look towards the moon and all its light and become reminded as to why we fight."

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