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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMichael
Height6'5" (5'5' in real life)
Weight260 pounds (but half that in real life...)
Summarythis is the normal me or i try to be, bouncing from wolf to dragon in person

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourbright light green scales with light blue scales at claws and feet, an tip of tail.
Hair Colourtwo rows of 3 horns on the back pointing towards neck.
Eye Colourclear, reflective green
Clothingwhatever comes to mind, mabye optional *wink*
Accessoriessee above but that also can be blown in the wind
Weaponryclaws, magic, mabye guns if around, or some creative means
Outstanding Featureswing length, 11 feet from tip to tip and 5 feet from arch to bottom tip.

Personality & Background

Personalityvery shy but very brave, outgoing and kind, can be very serious (and dangerius) if needed, respects others at all costs.
Likeshis own kin (Dragons), Werewolves, wolves, felines, dancing, music, eavesdroping (I can't help it^^),and magic (mostly healing and protection if roleplaying)
Dislikesdogs (dogs are souless wolves exept huskies or german shepherds), overconfidence, conceit, the color red on anything but a living being, doing nothing, science(dispite being very skilled in it), and feeling hate
Locationanywhere :P
Occupationwanderer or high school student^^

Just for Fun

Favourite Quoterelax or someone will get stepped on...

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