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Vital Statistics!

Character NameWolfie

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWolfie's fur is midnight blue and stark white. His white fur covers his chest down around his thighs and to his feet. His hands are also covered in white fur that stretch up to his forearms.
Hair ColourWolfie has blonde hair that is savage and wild, going off in any random direction. He lets it grow as long as possible, nearly all the way down his back.
Eye ColourWolfie has golden yellow eyes.
Outstanding FeaturesNone.

Personality & Background

PersonalityWolfie is definitely a free spirit type. He doesn't feel the hangups of usual life and tends to go and do what he pleases. He is very uplifting to those who are down, for he doesn't like to see people down low and out on their luck. He cares a lot for those close to him, making sure he is the only one to suffer any harm, if harm should come.
BackgroundYears before Wolfie was born, there was a program in affect by the American Government. It was the super soldier program. However, it was never brought to the public eye as it skipped all the red tape. It was a secret program, meant to make their soldiers the best in the world by any means possible. The funding by the government was enormous and it allowed the construction of a town with the base hidden below ground for all the hidden experimentations. A community formed there, with many people unaware of its existence. The building that actually connected the facility to the world was the local hospital, a fitting choice. However, even with all the state of the art equipment and top scientists, none of their attempts at making the perfect soldier succeeded. It was then that a new idea was instated instead. To use the powers of another more powerful creature and splice it with man. The first they thought of was the legendary werewolf. So they greased the wheels and sought out werewolves. It took many years but they finally discovered a married couple and they eventually manipulated them into living in their town. From there, they had the two make regular visits to the hospital to have their blood drawn and used in their experimentations. However, again the results were always failures. Something wasn't right with how they were going about their tasks but they refused to give up. Later on, they were informed the two were having a child. This sparked up new ideas and refueled their ambitions for their project. Months passed and unknown to them, they were watched very carefully with everyday that passed by the corperation. Eventually, they turned up at the hospital, giving birth to a little boy. The mother and father never did to hold their child in their arms for they were shot and killed moments after so the government could keep the child for themselves. Thus, the wolf-child became a pet and a slave to the government and grew up in the confines of the laboratory below ground, with not a single soul to care about him and save him from his confinement. Not offically given a name, he was only referred to as Wolfie. With a step taken to achieve their goals, the government went full force into learning all they could from Wolfie. For years, countless experiments were ran upon him, never once caring for the creature they made suffer. But that wasn't the only focus, they also taught him how to fight and survive. But even as such, a black scar grew within his heart. He lived in a prison, never allowed out to see the light of day. He was a piece of property and all they wanted, was to unlock his secrets and remove the querks of the werewolf. However, it proved to be fruitless, as no matter how many times the lycanthropy disease was distributed, the reciepients all fell to the same useless savagry. But, then new hope came from a doctor with an ingenius idea. Rather than transmit the disease into full grown people, they would instead, breed children. Of course, the details of how to perform such a feat with mixing Wolfie's DNA was all kept confidencial, but nevertheless, their ambitions bore fruit. Since they could not create super soldiers by splicing DNA into battle hardened warriors, they would instead make an army of werebeasts, all made to be under their direct control. To be continued
LikesWolfie is horribly addicted to sweets and mints. His most favorite of foods he has never tasted. He also enjoys hunting and fighting for survival. Lately he has enjoyed the affections of friends, from hugging to tickling. Whatever to lighten the mood of others and make the experience more enjoyable.
DislikesHe absolutely hates the government because of his past experiences with them. To date, nothing gets him quite as mad as when he feels the government is involved with something.
OccupationWolfie does not offically have a job, but that won't stop him from acting like he does have one. If at a restaurant, he'll take the job of a waiter if his table doesn't get service and act like he has worked there forever. Of course, this gets him in a lot of trouble except for the jobs that love to have work done for free, no matter how wrong.
Additional InfoNone.