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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZed
Height6 ft
WeightYou don't weigh raptors! He's rather lean though!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourdark-green scales
Hair ColourHe would have blue feathers on his head but he cuts them off.
Eye Colourdark-blue
ClothingUsually blue-jeans and a white shirt.
WeaponryHe sometimes uses twin-daggers and throwing-knives
Outstanding FeaturesHis long and flexible tail

Personality & Background

PersonalityZed is nice, friendly and understanding, however he is also a greedy thief and tends to steal things which look precious. Whenever he sees something shiny he wants to have it. Despite of that he loves to have fun with his buddies and make new friends, when he is in a good mood. The raptor is also very curious, and loves to explore places he hasn't seen before. Sadly for him he over-estimates his own abilities too often. Another weakness is his pride. He has been taught manners in the thieves-guild and is usually polite towards others, giving him almost the appearance of a noble-man.
BackgroundThe fate of Zeds parents is a mystery... He spent most of his childhood in the house of an old man, who found him as a baby and raised him like his own son. When he died Zed was 12. He left the place of his childhood alone and confused and started to steal to get along. After he spent a few years in the local thieves guild he he had to leave it with 16 as they found him in the treasure-chamber of the guild.
Likesgems, gold, all things shiny, his friends, dragons and their hoards ^^
Dislikeswhen a plan fails, dumb people.
LocationUnknown , it seems that he doesn't stay too long at the same place. He has an Austrian accent though, so people guess he might have a cave there. ^^
Occupationthief and treasure-hunter

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Yeah... Ooohhhh!!! Aaaahhhh!!! This is how it always starts and then there's the running and screaming!"