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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCoren Wolf
Weight205 lbs.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFur colour is a range of greys, mostly in the mid to dark tones.
Hair ColourHeadfur colour (Hair, basically) changes colour occaisionally, between blue, brown, or green. He's seen most often with his brown hair.
Eye ColourGeneric brown. Tend to be reflecting some inner amusement.
ClothingBlue jeans, slightly frayed along the buttom pants cuff. Soemtimes wears a shirt, sometimes doesn't, doesn't really matter to him. When he does wear a shirt, it's usually either a plain white t-shirt, a plain black t-shirt, or a longsleeve shirt of some green or brown tone. He always wears, and is protective of, an orange vest, with the symbol of magician healers on the left chest, and a larger one on the back.
AccessoriesWhen he has green hair, two earings appear in his left ear. Otherwise, the only accessories he has would be his belt, and a necklace around his neck.
WeaponryHe carries no weapon, but can summon a katana that emits a black flame when he wants to. Also has been experimenting with some spinnerblades that are held on his forearms when he equips the weapon, but he doesn't know if he'll use it yet.
Outstanding FeaturesNone really to speak of. Would blend into a crowd quite easily.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTends to be quite, and attaches himself to people perhaps too much. Likes to friendly compete, but apart form that doesn't exhibit a terribly competitive attitude. Likes to just talk, or friendly compete... you know, just generally hang around. Generally prefers to stay his normal height.
BackgroundJust a standard wolf, with some talent in magical healing, and the weilding of single face blades, like katanas and machetes. Grew up on a farm, so has some bodily strength, being a farmboy.
LikesJake Tigger? Just generally getting attention, likes to talk, and likes to draw. Also likes to write. Oh! I like videogames. And books.
DislikesPeople being angry. Very afraid of angry. Dislikes failing to satisfy someone's wants. Dislikes flamers. Dislikes flamers who leave people wanting hate mail out of their hate mail. XP
LocationWhere he wants to be? Who knows how he gets around. But he seems to live in the countryside, somewhere in western Canada.
OccupationMagician healer / Student
Additional InfoHas the ability to use healing and support magic, and also the skills "Jump", and "Dig". Jump allowing him to jump to absurd heights, and dig allowing him to borrow under the ground. Is also reasonably strong, being a farmboy.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote*While wlaking out in the pouring rain, everyone else has taken covere, but he still walks alone with his umbrella, looking for people* "If you let a little rain stop you from moving forward... How can you expect to live live through?"

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