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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHyper Metal Shadow
SpeciesMetachon Ghawine ( Hedgehog-ish Android )
GenderMale ( AI )
Height4 Feet 6 Inches

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourIf it was not already known that Shadow was a robot, no one would ever know, unless you got up real close. At least when he was first made. Now it is obvious. Save for a few places where silver mechanic plating and gears show through, Shadow is covered with black and red fur. The red coloring is shown in the highlights of his head-fur and red markings on his thin limbs. The colorings of his hands and feet are unknown because he has not been seen with his gloves or boots off. He has a short black pointed tail that is not all that interesting. Of course, unlike a true organic being, and being a Hyper-class of cyborg being, he is more extravagently 'built' than his true organic counterpart. A white tuft of fur flares upward towards his neck from the center of his chest.
Hair ColourH.M. Shadow's 'head-fur' is more extravagant than his organic counterpount; it appears to be longer and sharper, the point from the center of his head being the most prominant. A red line of fur extends from his forehead to the end of that spike, and more red fur is placed on the top side of the four other hair spikes ( two on each side ). His ears poke out just above his eyes, the insides of them showing beige 'skin'.
Eye ColourBoth of Shadow's eyes look real, though both are neural optics designed to look authentic. The iris's that surround the small black pupils are red, and have a white surrounding, as if they were imposing dark islands amidst a white ocean of revenge. The outer corners of his eyes are red to add to the dark look.
ClothingStarting at the bottom of H.M. Shadow are his boots. They are still the same hover boots that the regular Shadow had, except they have more pointed toes now; they look almost like evil red and white clown shoes now. The bottom of the boots are grey with jet boosters to propel him faster; dark grey shin guards with white markings on them extend the height of his boots as they wrap around his thin legs. On his silver robotic hands are white gloves that cover each of his white fingers. What appear to be black cuffs with silver markings double as compartments for storing the small canisters of plasmogen and sentralite and quarzon for the blaster on his wrist. ( See 'Weaponry' for more details ). A massive flaring cape is hooked onto him by jagged shoulder-guards, black and red in a simple yet intriguing design. The mark of Avias is stitched into the cape.
AccessoriesShadow has a gold ring around both wrists and both ankles. Some other accessories may be concealed to help improve his performance or just to have for the heck of it.
WeaponryBesides his deadly speed that comes from natural skill and his special boots, H.M. Shadow also has a few concealed weapons built right into his body. Once activated two gatling guns can take the place of the cuffs on his wrists, firing either metal bullets or energy projectiles either comprised of plasmogen, sentralite, quarzon, and other dangerous foreign energies. Also, the metal in his hands are very good conductors, and he can summon bolts of lightening down from the heavens. Some say it is magic, because some people are not away of the fact he is not organic, but whether it is or not really is not known. Some how, he is able to protect himself from the lightening, and is able to control where the lightening strikes.
Outstanding FeaturesHe's rather short, but still imposing and dark in appearance and stature. Wherever the black or red fur on his body is ripped or burned off you can see metal frame work underneath whirring to move the limbs or digits attached. From a first glance you would probably think he was all flesh and bones anyways. But when he lifts up the cape on his back and reveals his front, it shows that his torso is nearly completely one large silver ultrasonic engine, used to propel him as fast or faster than Sonic or Shadow. Overall, a main distinguishing feature about H.M. Shadow is... well, he's very pointy.

Personality & Background

PersonalityH.M. Shadow is often portrayed as a dark character because of the way he looks. He is hostile towards people and isn't afraid of a fight. But he is most of the time a friendly character. His words are often filled with witty sarcasm and jokes.
BackgroundH.M. Shadow was one of the many different mechanically based clones of the original Shadow the Hedgehog that Dr. Eggman Robotnik designed. No one knows how many models of Hyper Metal Shadow's were constructed, but he is the only known one. After the Eggman shuttle he was assumed to be built on crashed after the defeat of Eggman's armada ( in Sonic Heroes ), a small detachment of human soldiers was sent to investigate the wreckage. A small group of careless young individuals figured they could take on anything that challenged them if they turned the reserve power on the the downed ship. At that moment, Hyper Metal Shadow was 'born'. He stepped out of his pod and right into the eyes of the young soldiers, who immediately withdrew in fear and called for back up. But Shadow didn't want to harm them, he only wanted to make sense of what was going on; but it was too late. Armed soldiers eventually came to the scene and attempted to arrest the rogue robot. Luckily for Shadow he was able to use his powers to escape their custody. After much time was spent in high cliffs far away from where he was first discovered, and occasional evesdropping whenever he ventured near a town, he came to not think to fondly of humans and their views about him. And he also didn't think to highly of this 'Sonic' character he kept hearing about. But he did not hold a grudge. He just spent most of his time on cliffs, getting the power he needed from the sun and occasional lighting. He then heard of space travel, and that on other planets the inhabitants were more forgiving and accepting. He smiled at the thought and decided to go there himself. Being an ultrasonic robot had it's advantages when it came to space travel. Eventually he found his way here. He spends quite a bit of time out in the open now, but he still lives in the cliffs nearby town, as he always has, soaking up the sun and electricity.
LikesFighting, sunbathing and thunderstorms ( for several different reasons ), fellow mechanoid beings ( though he does enjoy the company of organic beings just as much ), being stronger than others, and many forms of growth ( whether it be on him or others ).
DislikesNot being able to get hugs because of his pointy-ness ( >.< ), having limits because of the way he was constructed, being stereotyped as an always evil being ( though he enjoys causing chaos at times >:) )
LocationH.M. Shadow normally dwells in at the top of sheer cliffs near towns, to hide from authorities searching for him. But he can be practically any place in the world in about three seconds. Heh.
Additional InfoThough the robot is waterproof, he is suseptable to pretty much all types of magic. One of his favorite's is growth. Though he does not really favor growing himself as much, he is rather intrigued by the prospect of it nonetheless. H.M. Shadow is basically a mixture of Shadow the Hedgehog and the powerful version of Metal Sonic in Sonic Heroes, just in case you have trouble figuring out what he looks like.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Zoom zoom."