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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKaliki
AgeSomething over 20 and under 30
WeightUmm.. volumptuous. That's all you need to know.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe keeps her black fur very clean and lusterous. She has some areas of gray around her chest and shoulders but other than that, she's very dark.
Hair ColourUnlike her fur, her head fur is very lengthy and bright white. It hangs loosely around her shoulders, dipping down to the middle of her back.
Eye ColourA beautiful deep blue color. Though it's hard to see them most of the time because of her goggles.
ClothingUsually, she's dressed in loose and baggy pants sporting some camouflage pattern, whether it be the gray and white style, to standard green black and brown, to the rare purple and yellow or pink and white patterns. Stretched over her bst she usually wears some manner of form-fitting tank top.
AccessoriesA lover of technology and actually reliant on it to survive, she always has a variety of gadgets to do things from grooming herself to analyzing areas. On her back she wears a pack attached to a muzzle she uses as a respirator, something she has to have on her at all times. Also she wears a pair of dark goggles on her head, either perched up on her forehead or worn right over her eyes.
WeaponryAside from her natural agility, Kaliki keeps a laser rifle on her person at all times. If, for some reason, it's not enough or even available, she keeps a backup handgun hidden on her, just in case.
Outstanding FeaturesThough extremely athletic and able, her feminine features seem as though they are exagerated. Overly large bust and bubble rear seem to be the most obvious.

Personality & Background

PersonalityComplex would be the best word to describe it. She can be very ladylike in certain situations that call for it, gung ho when it's time to get dirty, meek and shy when around friends. It all depends on the mood.
BackgroundKaliki grew up a lonely life without parents. Even at a young age, she put all of her energy into learning about electronics and building her own little machines. Eventually she became known as a prodigy with technology and became a contractor for doing things like maintenance or even creating whole new things. Guided by her tomboyish attitude, she built her own weapons and began hiring herself as a mercenary, doing anything from stealing major pieces of technology from corporations, to just blasting other mercenaries or any type of bandit.
LikesNew friends! People who treat her with respect! Inflation! Just playing around or adventuring. Good storylines to roleplay!
DislikesSuddenly being hit on and god-like roleplayers. Also those who assume she'll sleep with them during their first conversation. She's curvy but she's not some slut!
LocationRight by you if you see her.
OccupationAnything from maintaining high-end equipment to babysitting. She can do anything. Though her skills are mostly suited for blasting stuff and adventuring!

Just for Fun

HomepageDon't have one!
Favourite Quote"Sure we can go to bed together. Then I can tie you down and castrate you and seal the wound with a red hot poker. Now bug off!" By Kaliki

Stay in Contact

MSNnot here either
Yahoonope. find me in game
ICQI don't get why anyone uses this
AIMQuit giving it out when so many people began trying to yiff me in it