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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArky_Wolfess
SpeciesAnthro Wolf
AgeLooks to be 16 about 300 in real age
Height6 FT
Weight168 (added weight of wings)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe Brown fur fades at her Muzzle, arms and Foot paws. the black covers only the top of her muzzle Hands and Foot paws. Finally, the white covers her stomach also on the bottom of her Muzzle and paws.
Hair ColourHer head fur Comes down to about her neck. Her Hair is a solid black. Her two Bangs however, just cover her eyes. At each bang there are two different colors, red and silver. The story behind this color is unknown.
Eye ColourHer eyes are a deep silver fading into a dark Ocean blue.
ClothingA white Baggy shirt with a small patch over the heart that read, "Rawr" with a pair of Blue jeans that are ripped at each knee.
AccessoriesArky has a spiked collor the she found when she was Transformed into an Anthro. Little did she know that spiked collor was the only thing keeping her alive.
Weaponryher Retractable claws give her an unfair advantage because the claws ate over 3ft long completely flexable and sharp. also her Magic book gives her a number of Touture, Curse, and healing spells. On top of those weapons, she can breakdance. This may sound crazy but breakdancing is also a type of fighting style
Outstanding FeaturesArky has a birth mark on her right hand paw, the Birth mark was the only thing she remembered about her mother and father back then when she was a wolf pup.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFun to hang around, Nice, Outgoing, can be angry at times but only when angred.
BackgroundArky Comes from two very special peopel. Her mother and father, two very powerful wizards mastering in both Magic and fighting styles. But with the mastery in these things came a very painful price... When arky was born, A bounty was placed on her. Her heart was magically invincable and anyone who possessed it would gain complete immortality. With this bounty placed on the market many tried to take it from her by any means necessary, even if that ment killing evey living thing in the process. Arky was protected by her parents for many years until one day a diffent type of bounty hunter showed his face. His name was Renres, a formless figure in true form. Although Arky's parents knew what he was, they were unable to withstand his most brutal attack, takeover. A very power attack where the figure takes over the body of host through its dreams and destroys it from the inside out. Even with this power, he was unable to get to arky because of her oddly colored bangs. Little did Renres know that if he were to cut off those bangs, Arky would be completly helpless against his devastating attack. althought renres can physically take arkys heart out, he would need a host body, someone that arky truly cares about to get to her. Then from there he would show up and attack the two at the same time, trying to kill both at the same time. But the one thing that stands between Renres and him gaining ultimate power is the hosts Love for arky. IF the host that Renres takes over truly falls in love with arky, he is unable to fully take over because the power of his or her heart blocks him out. But, after 600 years, Someone figured out her Secret about her collar and stole it, making Arky mortal again and after a bad car accident, She was found dead. Instead of being buried, some scientist found her body and used it to make Arky into a bioweapon.
Likesnice people, snuggling, having a good time, music, the color red, pouncing things, Macro/micro furs. Discovering new things that she never knew about before. RPGs, yiffing.
Dislikesgetting hurt, abuse, Pain