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Vital Statistics!

Character Nameshadow
Height6' 0

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourwhite with tribal tatoos EVERYWHERE
Hair Colourasure blue (sometimes black)
Eye Colourmystic violet, if you look deeply into them when im sad, you can almost see a black shadow of a figure in the violet.
Clothingwhite thin muscle shirt and a (light) lether jacket (you can see his piercings through his shirt when not wearing jacket) he also wears black denim jeans with silver chains and black straps covering layoring over them. he dosent bother with shoes.
Accessorieshe has a silver earring, and a black lether collar with the name "shadow" inscribed in blood-red letters. he also has a silver chain with a bear-shaped stone on the end(which was blessed by a native-american shaman) covering his heart as a reminder of his most painful relationship
Weaponrya black blade made by himself, it is allways stowed in his lether jacket, along with throwing stars and daggers.
Outstanding Featurespierced nipples, string bikinie undies, and some other stuff that you will need to ask about

Personality & Background

Personalityromantic when with a mate (mateless as of yet, i am the darkenss that wraps around you at night and protects you untill the day can light your path. may the shadows watch over you.
Backgroundparents were killed when he was 16 and inhereted their 50 acres and mansion, which he refurnished to accomidate himself (except his parent's room)
Likesfem-boys, cute boys, strong boys, etc enjoys: games, rock music, love, meaningful sex with someone i love, poetry, and drawing
Dislikesrude girls, arrogant girls, (same for guys), sport-games, arrogant artist/poets, vore, water-sports, and meaningless sex.
Locationtexas, he owns 50 acres of farmland and forest, the farmland farmed by furs form across the border
Occupationartist, poet, gamer, lover, fighter (only when friend or loved one in danger)
Additional Infofriends in the furcadia world: Arez, Tenia_florua, (if i missed you, please forgive.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"victory is mine!!!!"

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