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Standing tall in the world....:)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameBecky Cascane
HeightVariable ;) 12' minimum.
WeightA girl NEVER shares her weight with others. :-p

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOrange-red color, with the exception of her handpaws, footpaws, and tips of her ears, which are black. Her tailtip is white. There is also a splash of black alongside the bridge of her muzzle. With the exception of this, her fur pattern is similar to most vixens.
Hair ColourLong, fire-red hair, which falls past her broad shoulders and down to her waist.
Eye ColourDeep, chocolate-brown, cat-like eyes (much like other vixens :-p). A flash of gold can be seen in them every so often; her eye color shifts in the process of growth. The bigger she gets, the more brilliant the golden irises become. :)
ClothingOften wears her standard suit, consisting of cut-off jeans at the thighs, as well as a stretchable tank-top, with the golden letters, "Musclevixen" imprinted over her large, impressive bust. What she does wear, however, is up to the imagination. :)
AccessoriesHas none to note.
WeaponryDoesn't use weaponry.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIs very happy and care-free; an almost bubbly personality as she enters a room. She enjoys meeting new friends, and LOVES showing off. Her favorite activty is growth, and she doesn't hide it - she spends most of her time trying to make herself as large as possible, even sneaking in a few inches of muscle growth as she relaxes. Nonetheless, she is a caring, and loyal vixen, and will always be there for those who need it.
BackgroundBecky wasn't always a musclevixen. She was smaller than most, and lacked motivation to stay in shape until a friend coaxed her into a gymnasium. As if by accident, she took to the weights almost instantly, pushing beyond her limits, so much so that her body responded by increasing her size to hold back the rush of power her workout brought. She is still unsure how she attained the power of body growth, but does not hesitate to let her gift go to waste. She spends as much time at the gym as she can, pushing her body to it's utmost limits, to make herself as large as she possibly can. She has the ability to shift size on her own as well, after months of practice and concentration, and is studying differnet forms of energy absorbtion to broaden her horizons. Becky, however, does not limit herself to strengthening her body - she does her best to increase the power of her mind as well, through study and creative writing. The mind is far more dangerous than muscle, and she takes great pride in her intellect. She is currently mated to a wonderful shapeshifter named Tanilys, and cherishes every moment she spends with him. Together, both of them discover the limits of their physical form, then shatters those limits. Hey, big girls can't do it alone. :)
LikesGrowth, footpaws, music, writing, reading, muscle, clothesbursting, being BIG. :)
DislikesVore, being mistreated, spiders...she doesn't really have many dislikes, but it's best to ask her what she will and won't do.

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