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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGalliga Chrysalie Plushielove
SpeciesMalagasy Ringtailed Mongoose (Galidia Elegans)
GenderFeminine Herm
Height6' 1

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed fur with black underbelly and fore/hindpaw "gloves" Long, bushy tail has black and red alternating rings similar to a raccoon's.
Hair ColourRed to strawberry blonde. Length in back varies from cropped short to waist-length. Bangs almost always part to one side over an eye for added yiffiness.
Eye ColourGreen. The color of envy and mint jell-o.
Outstanding FeaturesWide and wedgy ears, a shiny herm symbol earring, a long ringed tail, and lots of well-loved plushies.

Personality & Background

PersonalityI dare you to meet me first and find out for yourself.
BackgroundWhatever is behind me when you snap the photo you wanted me to autograph.
LikesPlushies, animation, video games, sweet treats, edible furries.
DislikesMeanie heads, stupid heads, bad bad meanness. And carrots. Blech.
LocationUpstate New York, near Saratoga Springs.
OccupationSome mysteries are sexier when left unsolved.
Additional Info

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Gold is very shexy yesh? You have a shmoke and a pancake and den you rub the gold all over your netherlands, yesh?" -Goldmember

Stay in Contact

SkypeNo Skype but Plushielove Lightcloud on SecondLife!