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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKaro
SpeciesKangaroo hybrid
Age25 yrs
Weightto small to tell
Summaryredish brown with a tan bellyfur as well as socks and gloves furpattern on his arms and legs, Plush red furred toes and finger and eartips as well as on his eyeridges, footfetish riddled, pawloving kangaroo of the plantigrade leg and feet orientation. Wearing only a pair of blue jeans, a cross round his neck and a pair of glasses, and a t-shirt, or some other typicla type clothing one would see on a daily basis. Sneakers shaped for his long roo feet even. Thylacine stripes down his back in the same red shade as his other markings and a pouch on his front that holds more than it seems. He is a genetically made hybrid. a Super kangaroo hybrid, comprised of many different marsupials and a canine and a half. Kangaroo is obviously the dominating genes in him as well as Human since a human man was altered with these genes to make him. After kangaroo and in order from heavies to lightest saturation of genes is; Thylacine [and or tasmanian tiger/wolf], tree kangaroo, wallaby, opossum, doberman.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourgreyish brown with a golden brown bellyfur as well as socks and gloves furpattern on his arms and legs, Plush red furred toes and finger and eartips as well as on his eyeridges
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye Colourhazel/brown
Clothingpair of small octagonal rimmed spectacles. Blue Jeans. T-shirt. Maybe a jacket, maybe a hat. It all varies.
AccessoriesGlasses, various props he can pull out of HIS pouch. yes a male roo with a pouch. and the pouch has cartoon physics and intermingled dimensions within giving him limitless possibilities with it. buuuut he usually jus tuses it to pull soda out of and the occasional gag.
Weaponrywhatever is handy and random
Special Abilitiesthis roo is durable to the nth degree. if he's ten inches or under he is next to invulnrible. stomping on him will do nothing but excite him. a few minor abrasions and bruises but nothing life threatening. this makes him the perfect paw toy. this also makes him a great torment toy as well. many larger furs try and eat him and find out that he doesn't give them any nutritional value and just slips unhappily out the other end. flush quick or you'll have pain where you don't want it. He can be stuffed in a shoe all day and not suffocate from the scent, the downfall is that the scent never gets old to him, his nose just keeps taking it in. cook him you say? well you'll be waiting a while, at this size he takes over 24 hours to even get warm from the oven. he'll just sit in there and make faces at you. what is his weekness? ha not going to tell you. now he does have control over his own size but not if acted upon by an outside force. if he his shrunk or grown by any means other than his own, he can't control it himself for two weeks after. this is usually the case. he doesn't make it a point of staying small if he can help it. 11 inches tall and over, he is vulnrible to harm and all other rules of logic apply.
Outstanding FeaturesThylacine stripes and the fact that he is a male roo with a pouch.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTo furries he is pretty open minded about things, like sexuality, i.e. sometimes he will strive after the males of the furry community but it really lays upon his mood. RL wise though he is straight, so don't try anything funny to the player if he isn't in the mood, he'll let ya know if he is, usually by cuddling up real close.
BackgroundA young adult male human in his early 20s by the name of Timothy. got taken in agaisnt his will as a test subject for new genesplicing genetics research. he was a fan of the anthropomorphic arts and giving animals human features on paper. the scientists injected him with serums of the DNA base, and placed him in a massive tube in a sustained sleep. He came out of it as a kangaroo hybrid, a joey even from a new age regression procedure used by the government. KARO777 was the projects name. with some radioactive enzymes introduced as well, the Timothy, now Karo gained special and strange abilities many of wich are thought to have manifested through fetish affinities for feet, and paws and the dream of being able to be smaller on some occasions.
LikesFreindly folk, someone to talk to when I'm down. Weaknesses/fetishes: Footpaws and human females feet alike, primary weakness of these are husky, wolf, fox and roo footpaws. Has a tendancy to like being abused by the said weakness in ways that he'd rather not disguss openly but more to people he trusts, and or is severly attracted to.
DislikesNazis, those who are intolerant of others beliefs, and sushi. Detests: Nazi Dobermans and general anything dealing with the dark german history. [those guys in the german service that tried to kill hitler, they're cool]. People who randomly shout out rude lewd jokes that may be funny to them and don't have an ounce of common sense to think it may be offending someone.
Locationsomewehre in Ohio
OccupationArtist, Writer, Pirate, Militant, Treasure hunter, Drifter sometimes, ZoneWalker.
Additional Infocrushing: since this roo is an avid pawlover, by some twist in fate [I don't have any legit reasons how, I'm just a paw lover that wants to enjoy the paws] he cannot be crushed under any manner of foot, he sustains damage I.E. bleeding, cuts, bruises, broken bones[broken bones mend fast though to to the radiation], but he cannot be crushed and killed by them, this means that stomping him will only serve to make him go comotose on his own pawlust. this pawlust only occures from fem footstomps and the rare occasion of a male fur, male humans performing this action will suffer the roos rage. Also, this roo taste like peanutbutter, and it is said, but not proven that all those purple spots taste like grape jelly.

Just for Fun

Blogkarohardfang livejournal
Favourite QuoteThe Artist does not make the character, but rather, the character makes the artist. By the same token the artist must let the character make him or her or itself.If you want peace, prepare for war.-Frank Castle: The Punisher

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