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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLuke
Height5 foot 9

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourdark Brown from head to tail
Hair Colournone
Eye Colourred like the rest of his family
ClothingUsualy a shirt and baggy jeans

Personality & Background

PersonalityMy how the times change people. Once a jittery ball of fur, now probably the loosest most care free member of Kusa's family. "I can't die, stuff the rest." He can come off as an oversexed jerk at times, but their is a good guy just under the surface. While he might not have the power to stop the big bads of GZ, when the situation requires he won't hesitate to be on the front lines.
BackgroundAnother split from Kusa he's the epitome of bad luck, anything that can happen usually does. You can only imagine how he fares in a world full of Macros.
LikesWomen, cuddles, relaxing by the water, fish...yeah its a stereotype otter and fish but the poor guy can't help it. Vampires...yes vampires. Practical jokes
DislikesBeing treated like a joke, being used one too many times.
LocationGZ, likely the bunker, with Heather, or likely biting some random female
OccupationHeather's chew toy
Additional InfoCompared to his siblings he's mostly powerless except that his regeneration abilities are far better. Recently during a drunken binge he was turned and became a vampire. Though unlike most fiction Luke gained absolutely nothing from it. He now knows he can die, holy things hurt him, and he's highly allergic to garlic. Still he's found love so it's not all bad.