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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRema
Weight........ I guess you don't ENjoy life then? ^^

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe has a fine grey coat of fur all over over body, including the bottem part of her tail. She has a trail of Brown/greenish spikes running down the spine of her back and tail, with green scales along the underside of her arms, back of her paws and her knees with the backs of her legs. Her belly fur slowly fades to a bright white fur.
Hair ColourThe underside of her muzzle and neck is fine white and the spikes on her head are a brownish green.
Eye ColourHer peicing eyes are a replian Dark yellow, with a dragons slit like pupil.
ClothingWHenever she's in a place were the ops won't let her pad about naked she tends to wear a "WWGD?" t-shirt standign for "what would Godzilla do?" and a pair of very tight jeans.
Weaponry.... All four paws along with 16 razor sharp claws.. Along with the razor sharp spikes running down her back... which you DON'T want to touch..

Personality & Background

Personality.... Very Violent.... grew up on Kaiju island along with many others, but also grew up having to be voilent to survive also she Likes the country side... and hates the city...
BackgroundHer mother was part of a experiment on Neo Kaiju island, her mother and father were taken onto the island and just left to try survive, but the radiation given by the island played havoc with there child.... as she was born to see her parents get blasted to peices. She grew up Seeing nothing but fighting and killing and adapted well, growing not only scales to to a immence size...
LikesTo fight.... to kill anything bigger then her... the feeling of crushed stuff tween her toes!
DislikesBeing beaten..... but that rarely happens ^__^
LocationWere ever theres a Nice busy city to knock down n.n
Occupationthe one to make you meet you're maker n.n

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWWGD