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The Lord Protector

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKatsuma Annaloque
SpeciesHuman-Kitsune halfbreed
Weight187 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur, covering only his ears and tail, is a dull grayish brown, his tail tipped in white.
Hair ColourHis hair is the length shown in the picture, and tends to vary from light to dark brown depending on how much sunlight he's been receiving.
Eye ColourHis eyes stand out from his otherwise drab features, being a brilliant blue-green in color.
ClothingKatsuma is clad in a black military uniform, lined with red and gold trim and a gold and silver insignia depicting his rank. Over this, he wears a large but tight-fitting coat of the same color scheme, clasped at the waist and reaching to the ankles. The same insignia adorns the coat's chest.
AccessoriesKatsuma has only one accessory: A small golden locket on a chain, containing a picture of his closest friend and lover, Scinfaxi. He wears this locket underneath his clothing at all times.
WeaponryKatsuma will use anything he can get his hands on. He is trained in most basic forms of armed and unarmed melee combat, but prefers to use his officer's pistol (9mm Full Metal Jacketed, 15 round clip.) or another gun or rifle. However, due to his position, he often has available to him the Solont Space Fleet, and all it's assets, including the powerful particle beam array Neo Greizon, and its centerpiece "Radiant Angel". However, weapons this powerful are only requisitioned in extreme circumstances...
Outstanding FeaturesHe has a small horizontal line scar just above his left eye, and several massive slash scars across his entire torso, arms and legs. No one ever sees these scars, however, because he almost never removes his clothes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityKatsuma is quiet and reserved most of the time. He has the capacity to be very sweet and charming, but to this date has only shown this side of himself to Scinfaxi. When in combat, he is either completely calm and analytical, or possessed with demonic rage that allows him to exceed the limits of most human beings.
BackgroundKatsuma was born and raised on Planet Solont, an Earthlike planet approximately 50 light years from Sol, and is populated by colonists from Earth. He was adopted by a couple, consisting of a Skunkette mother and human father, and lived in the small northern mountain town of Narshe, until his parents were killed in seperate accidents that left him orphaned at age 9. At age 14, he was conscripted by the military and put into an accelerated program, receiving gene therapy and many biogenetic enhancements, and became captain of a major naval vessel at 16. Just a few months after being assigned, the QB war broke out, and in 4 months of violent fighting, the entire Solont fleet was decimated, and the QB exterminated. During the final battle in Solont orbit, Katsuma was severly wounded, and he spent the next 4 months recovering, during which he was informed that he had been promoted to Lord Protector, as his superiors had been killed. During the period of peace that followed the war, he acted as diplomat in re-establishing contact and political ties with Earth during the later stages of his recovery. It was on Earth that he met Scinfaxi, and the two quickly fell in love. Currently, he is on active duty as Lord Protector of the Beta Aquilae system.
LikesKatsuma only likes a few things. His favorite is his close, and until recently, only friend, as well as his first and only love, the skunk girl Scinfaxi. Aside from being with her, there are few things he enjoys greatly...
DislikesKatsuma dislikes being separated from Scinfaxi, seeing innocents suffer, and dealing with people overcome with hubris and arrogance. Also onions.
LocationHis location varies. He is usually deployed with the fleet on the flagship Overcast, but can also be found in an apartment in the Solont Capital City, or at the residence of his late parents in Narshe. Rarely, he can be found in the Federation of Marshall Island on Earth, fulfilling his diplomatic duties or simply spending time with Scinfaxi.
OccupationKatsuma is Lord Protector of the Beta Aquilae system, the highest ranking officer of the Solont Military, and commander of all its forces. He achieved this rank partly by displaying exceptional skill during the Battle for Solont, but mostly because each and every one of his superiors was killed...

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Everything that you hold in your arms is yours."