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Vital Statistics!

Character Namelooky
Speciesanthro cat (polymorph)
Ageforever 10
Height3 feet (varies)
Weight100+ pounds (also varies)
Summaryi made looky to express the hyper me^^

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Coloursoft black ever changing
Hair Colourpure white ever changing
Eye Colourblue, gold, black, or rainbow depending on mood
Clothingwhite and blue ninja garb or natural fur
Accessoriesa small heavy duty belt, ribbon collar, and a special bracelet that only he can lift.
Weaponrycharcram, daggers, auto handguns
Outstanding Featureschameleon?

Personality & Background

Personalitymimic or a extreamly hyper and over-protective little kid
Background"i forgot...can we play now?"
Dislikes"what's dislike?"
Locationin the shadows, under/behind you, or lost having fun
Occupationmimic/chameleon, ninja, "yay"
Additional Infoacts like a 5 yr old smart as a 50 yr old

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote*enthusiastic* "hi!"^^

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