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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKogenta (Kou Gen Te)
SpeciesWhite Tiger
AgeAround 6500 years existance.
Heightroughly 6ft
Weight161 pounds (73kg)
SummaryHe's a nice guy. But being a youkai, is quite easily evil if it weren't for the gold youkai power limiters. A gold bell on his tail and two gold earrings in his right ear keep that in check. As one can see from his weight he is nothing special and is considered of average build, but appearances are decieving. He has a strength equivalent to most macros, and this is with the power limiters on him. The limiters also repress his darker side and his magic. His magic is quite limited though. Youkai magic works through suffering. When something else suffers pain, or dies, a youkai can use that to power their spells. Yet, Kou's magic is limited to simple teleportation, and is on rare occasions able to rend an opponents mind.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite fur with blue stripes instead of black.
Hair ColourHis hair like his fur is streaked with blue and white.
Eye ColourRed. He's a youkai. And red eyes are one of their obvious characteristics.
ClothingVaries depending on situation. He tends to wear baggy trousers, and a collared shirt, though he wears it loosely. The Zanba is always sheathed at his back, it being to large to hold anywhere else, within a leather sheath.
AccessoriesHe always carries a gold pocket watch with him and is able to summon a mighty Zambatou. (6ft tall blade, 1ft across and a fine inch along the edge). A small bag of Mahjong tiles is always with him. Their purpose is far worse than a simple game, each tile holds a spell cast on the tile, so that if needed the tile can be activated. This is a method of combating his personal magical inability.
WeaponryOften he carries a weapon. Over the years this has changed from swords to guna but he is still partial to his Zambatou. He always has his Zambatou with him and tends to keep a gun with him. Although this is a more recent development as technology advanced he had to keep up to fit in and guns also made it easier to resolved arguements than swords did.
Special AbilitiesTeleportation Very limited mind magic (some illusions, and very rarely mind rending).
Outstanding FeaturesHas a tattoo on his arm in the shape of the 'Yin & Yang' symbol although coloured orange and green. Wears a 'jingle' bell at the end of his tail about the size of his fist made of gold. Two earring/clips are in his right ear also golden. (Power limiters). Youkai are extremely hard to kill. They can shrug off physical attacks that would cripple or even kill mortals, and can with enough time even heal even the most serious wounds. Banishment is a permanent method of killing them, or sealing (eg. power limiters).

Personality & Background

PersonalityGood: Kind and polite but very violent and dangerous once given reason to. He often seems to be brooding but equally like many a cat is very curious and likes to mess around, although he'd never let you know that. Evil: Youkai are traditionally created from raw negative emotions. They are if you will physical manifestations of particular emotions. Kou was formed of hatred, and so radiates that emotion. His hatred for everything around him knows no bounds.
BackgroundBorn 6500 or so years ago amongst other youkai. He doesn't say anything beyond that although his eyes have a haunted look when asked. He was given a gift, the limiters and a human heart, and through them a chance to see the error of his ways. His deeds were so awful that he is not keen on speaking of them and he feels that only he alone can atone for his past crimes.
LikesThose loyal to him. Being kind. People in general. At least that's when he's good. When he's evil he likes to cause chaos, pain and psychotic terror.
DislikesGood: Evil, his other self and arrogant people. Evil: Good, his other self and selfless people.
LocationEither Japan or China, but he flits around the world from time to time.
OccupationNothing. Being so old and never able to age, he simply changes his job every few hundred years or so.
Additional InfoHe has a small knowledge of magic. Being a youkai he doesn't really need that though as he is faster, stronger and more reactive than ordinary furs and humans. But that is not to say that youkai cannot be killed or destroyed. Its just more complicated.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteYou strive to cling onto life as time rolls by, yet I merely exist.

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