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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMisha Demon Form
Agego on ask
Weightdo you want to ask?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourlooking at Misha's fur you can only see a slight resemblance to her vixeny self, by the way her belly is bright red and her fur is a deep dusty looking grey with red streaks
Hair Colourher hair has gone completely black, though is still shoulder length
Eye Coloura bright yellow that glows in the dark
ClothingAlthough a demon Misha is dressed in a white sleeveless shirt and a pair of cream ripped shorts
Accessoriesa rainbow coloured bobble-hat in her pocket now.
WeaponryHas a no-dachi she can call up or a wraithblade
Outstanding Featureshuge feathered wings, each the same size as her body. The wings themselves have a flame pattern to them. There is also a smaller identical set on her head

Personality & Background

Personalitybouncy and playful but dont tug on her ears
Likessnugs, distractions. bill bailey, being petted. Anything loud
Dislikespeople and furs trying to tug on her headwings
Occupationco-guards hell with Cerbyfolfy
Additional Infoa little shy but coming out of it now

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotemy mind is coming apart...like a tapestry and some angry kittens! :- Bill Bailey