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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTechnic
SpeciesBlack Fox, Winged

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack for the most part. Red markings in quite a few places. Markings along his arms, around his eyes, and down the sides of his legs.
Hair ColourMostly red, except for a green patch in the middle/front. Reaches about his shoulders and is kind of messy on the top.
Eye ColourPure Silver, no Iris, pupil, etc.. Somewhat shines beautifully in the right light.
ClothingHe usually is in a pair of black pants, with red stripes down the sides like his legs. He doesn't usually wear a shirt, as it aggrivates his wings. When he does it's a simple black Tee. He has no shoes.
AccessoriesHe has a simple gold pendant around his neck. Also ebedded in his forehead is an odd, blood colored, four pointed star shaped gem.
WeaponryWhenever he does carry weapons, it's usually twin katana's. As well as two heavy pistols.
Outstanding FeaturesWINGS! nothing more distinguishing Features then his large black wings. They spread out to about 9ft from tip to tip. The only other feature would be his markings. Around his eyes are raccoon like mask red markings. Along the side of each of his arms are single red stripes. Same with the sides of his legs. His tailtip of course, looks as if it were tipped in blood, the marking is a little offset. He's also recently gained tiny feathery wings atop his head, now being an Incubi and all.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFor the most part he is laid back, calm. But He does have a temper, he hates it when people accuse him of stupid things, and he'll defend his position, even if it makes him look 'stupid.' He cares for all those he knews, except for those who infact hurt him in some way. He's very trusting though, so he's sometimes easy to trick into caring for one who hurt him before.
BackgroundWorking on a new one.
LikesTechnic likes to hang out with his friends, as well as make new ones. He is a sucker for growth of any kind, chest, muscle, size, assets, etc. If he does get into a fight, he likes it to be honorable, meaning he doesn't like it when the other grows to giant size and tries stomping him. He doesn't have a specific person he likes (aka mate.) but would 'like' to find someone to be. Uh..tis about it..more might be added later.
DislikesClose-minded people for the most part. He doesn't like to be eaten or stepped on. As mentioned, he dislikes it when people grow in a fight. He dislikes being alone, but he won't complain about it like some would.
LocationWhere ever he chooses to be.
OccupationTechnic..is uh...dunno, he just sits around and writes stories.
Additional InfoUh..His paws are digigrade, only having about 4 toes. His feet might be even a litte out of proportion cause they are more paw like then anything.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteYay, Imma Llama again!....wait..

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