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Me and my buddy Nuke Thoth(c) Thoth Nuke(c) Nuke Art(c) Nuke

Vital Statistics!

Character NameThoth
Weight360 lbs - alot more

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNavy blue
Hair ColourJet black w/ silver highlights, usually slicked (unlike the pic) and parted
Eye ColourGolden Yellow
ClothingBlue or black carpenters jeans, dark t-shirt, black leather boots, and a leather jacket(black or WWII avaitor)
AccessoriesSunglasses and a jade ibis headed necklace
WeaponrySmith & Wesson 500 and a Mark XIX Desert Eagle .50 AE
Outstanding FeaturesBlue fur

Personality & Background

PersonalityI'm a bit on the dark side and realitivly quiet but I'm pretty easy to get along with, I like it when people are happy or are laughing, don't know why, just makes me feel better. I also like WWII planes and secret weapons, so they're good conversation starters.
LikesI like anyone with a good sense of humor,an open mind, kind ppl, a good comedy, irony, hanging out with friends, having a good time,music, coffee lots and lots of coffee :D, surfing, theam parks, RPing, sports, explosives, fireworks, japaneese weapons, doing crazy (not stupid) things videotaping it and laughing about it later, Playing Aces High until my eyes fall out.
DislikesWhen people pick on people weaker or smaller then them, people who stop you from having a good time without a cause, bad ice cream, bad music, "gangstas", teh Mp3 police D:<, my comp, spelling with zee english.
LocationModesto, California 95355
Occupationvigilante, chemical, explosives and avation expert

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteTake life by the balls... then get a hammer... ~ Me

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