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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNeos Avias
SpeciesJuevan (think Flamedramon, minus horn and weird claws)
AgeUnknown ( Young )
Height5' 11

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLike most lizard-type creatures that he is a member of, he has slightly rough, rubbery skin, which makes a great guy to be hugged by or to hug. His skin is two-toned, one color being white and the other a rather shiny and very dark grey, almost black. The white skin covers his muzzle, the front of his neck, his chest and stomach, his groin and the bottom of his tail. The rest of his skin is the blackish color.
Hair ColourAvias has no fur on his head whatsoever, or his whole body, for that matter. ( if there is something on his head it will be made known one way or another :) ) His ears bend slightly half way towards the tips, then bend back again so that they look like black lightening bolts.
Eye ColourWithout Avias changing his form in any way, his eyes are actually black with green binary code numbers passing through a void behind them. o..o The Matrix Incarnate! Though only those who are close enough to him can actually see it; from even a foot away his eyes just look like a very dark green.
ClothingAvias is usually seen just wearing a pair of thick polyester shorts, either colored to match the colors and patterns of his skin, or colored and padded to give the appearance of metallic armor covering his hips.
AccessoriesTHE JETPACK! The casing around his chest his a burnished silver with glowing green and cyan buttons all over it (and a red one in the back, but no one knows what that does). The fuel chambers of the jet pack are actually extend as far away from his back as his tail does, drooping at the end in the shape of a streetlight; where the lights would be are the exhaust ports that seems to constantly vent green energy that behaves like a mist
WeaponryAvias's main choice of weaponry is his magical prowess. He is able to summon the energy of each of the twelve elements ( fire, sound, space, electricity, foliage, ice, water, psychic, ground, air, light, darkness ) and use them in several different forms in several different scenarios. If he has to fight for any reason he'll either use his Magic or his stealthy body to speedily beat the tar out of his opponent. ... Also, he has his Giant No. 2 Pencil of Mass Destruction. o..o
Outstanding FeaturesAvias is rather easy to pick out in a crowd; not many creatures like him wander around these days. Almost all of the time he wears his jet pack, which he has to check to make sure he doesn't hit anyone with it. Small black bumps run down his spine and along the top of his tail, until it ends at the tail spike, the lonely scale-like appendages jutting out of his tail in the shape of a fin from a cartoonish rocket.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAvias is generally an easy going lizzy-thing, that loves making friends and acting silly. He is competitive and loves a challenge, and is very defensive about his friends and his ice cream, never letting anyone hurt either of them. A bouncy character, he's usually hyperactive, taking only a little bit of time to rest before buzzing around some macros head again.
BackgroundNo one really knows where he came from; he just popped up one day at BigFurs college and wandered around, poking and examining everything and everyone he saw.
LikesBeing silly, growth in all forms, seeing everyone being friendly to one another, being friendly with everyone, sparring, reading/writing stories, looking and drawing (though not too good) artwork, flying, and vanilla ice cream and milkshakes, among other things (Kee! ^..^)
Dislikespie ( it's evil I tells ya! ^_^ just kidding, I love pie ), stupid people, seeing others fight over frivelous things
LocationThat is a good question. :P
OccupationWhat's a 'achoo-passion?'
Additional Info( if needed this place will be filled in better later )

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteKee! ^..^

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