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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRiley Ridgeman
SpeciesSwift Fox
SummaryRiley is a 28 year old 8ft tall Swift fox thief who helps his brother with his pawnshop in Rennik city by provideing some items to be sold there.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Coloura light brownish yellow with white on his tail tip, black socks on his arms and feet and black on the tips of his ears
Eye ColourScarlet Red
ClothingWears a black cap with two holes in it for his ears. A pair of red tinted shades. A Forrest green t-shirt, a pair of Brown khaki pants with a black leather belt and black workboots with iron on the heels and toes of them. aswell wears a blue jean jacket with Rennik Prison 09534 on the back in black letters
Accessoriesa black leather color that has his name on it in Blue letters, at his side is a large satchel to carry the stuff he has and stuff he takes.
WeaponryCarries a Murasame at his side and a Dagger hidden in both his boots. Carries throwing knives and theif equipment aswell for the rare ocaison he might have to use a bullet he carries a revolver style gunblade dagger on the left side of his torso under his jacket
Outstanding FeaturesHis size for his species

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's friendly enough but at times is serious he likes to have fun when he can and steal at some times.
BackgroundHe is a profesional thief if their is a way to break in somewhere he'll find it He went on a gallant thieving spree once and after about two months of stealing was caught by police when he fell through a skylight into someones kitchen being sentanced to 7 years in prison he couldn't stand being dormant for so long though no one knows how he escaped and has begun his theiving again.
LikesFriends, playing around, sparring, stealing, Rootbeer and Phillie cheese steaks.
LocationHe has a new underground Hide out in Rennik city.
OccupationThief and Former Rennik Prison inmate
Additional InfoHe has special thiefs abilities and has certain powers that relies on his energies of various types, he can also has superior speed though he sometimes has to work up to a high speed. Has a Blue 1971 Dodge Charger that has two fat raceing stripes that go from the end of the hood to the end of the trunk. He is Learning Alchemy on an advanced level recently haveing stolen a book on the subject he has read through it extensivly.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWhat's yours is mine and what's mine is mine.