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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCye-chan
Species3 tailed macro Fox

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed-brown fur covers most of her body, the tips of her tails are white and her ears tips are black.
Hair ColourShoulder length red hair a lighter colour than her body fur
Eye ColourGreen eyes
ClothingUsally wearing a white short sleeved t-shirt with the Letters IAC on the front and jean short cut off above the knee.
AccessoriesSometimes wears a pink bow in her hair or tails.
WeaponryDoesn't need any
Outstanding FeaturesVery cute very very cute. Uber cute.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCaring, compasonatie, silly, hyper, fun loving, very cute.
BackgroundI got to talk about myself now? mou.. umm we'll I'm a 50ft 3-tailed vixen! I never met another of my kind if there are anway I wasn't always this big, back when I was younger I started growing and didn't stop till I was 50ft tall! I had to leave my adopted family I attracted too much attention. So I wandred for a while made some new freinds, and then I discovered I was the Goddess of cute! Which gives me lots of cool powers! Too bad I don't know what they are. :( What? oh yah! I can get really really big too! It's lost of fun! Wanna see? no? awww... Why not?? *pouts*
LikesChocalte!!! Having a good time. Meeting new people. Oh yes growing.
Dislikespeople who have no sense of humor, or take life too seriously, those that pick on the weak.
LocationThat way. :)
OccupationGrowing and begin cute.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Kawaii! Kawaii! Kawaii!" "MOU!" "Choclate!" "Waiwaiwai!" "mabye just a little bigger couldn