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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNolkio Wraith
SpeciesTauri ( Human-ish )
AgeUnknown, supposedly 10
Height4' 8

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourIf a human saw him from a distance, they'd think Nolkio was a fellow human. But any other creature in the galaxy would know that this might not be the case, and they'd be right in thinking that it might not be a human. Though tauri's do resemble them very well at times. The only difference between them is that the array of eye and hair color extends much farther than a humans, from one end of the spectrum to the other in fact. But regarding skin color they're pretty much the same. Nolkio's skin color is Caucasian, a pale tan.
Hair ColourNolkio's hair is long and unkept, cascading down his back and framing his face, at times blocking his view. His hair is the darkest black in color and gleaming like obsidian under any light.
Eye ColourNolkio's eyes is probably the only visable genetic feature that clarifies that he is not a human. The iris's of his eyes are a dark purple around the pupils. Despite his innocent age his eyes are fierce and creepy even; the pupil's are almost cat-like, or snake-like.
ClothingNolkio on average wears an unmarked dark forest green T-shirt, a pair of grey or army-print cargo shorts that are almost two big for him lengthwise ( reaching down to his shins ), white socks, and grey and blue or black sneakers. But on missions he dons a blank grey cape, a utility belt, stylish black light-weight gauntlets each with surveying equipment built in, heavy black boots, an eyepiece scanner, and a badge on the left breast of his shirt. ( on occasion his shirt is replaced with a tank-top of the same color )
AccessoriesSaid gauntlets, eye-piece scanner, and badge qualify both as uniform and accessories. A section of black metal juts out along the outer edges of the gauntlets so they could also double as melee weaponry as well as technical equipment. The light silver metal of the eyepiece glows with the light, an antenna jutting up through his hair from behind his ear, an orange lens obscuring his left eye.
WeaponryNolkio Wraith's magical prowess only extends to his physical capabilities: strength, speed, endurance, among other things; he is unable to use attacks or defenses by summoning the elements. He uses various styles of melee combat against his opponents, mainly featuring his hands and feet, for they are the quickest and deadliest weapons he possesses. Whenever possible, however, he will use some weapons in his fights with ranged skill, but excels best with staffs.
Outstanding FeaturesDespite his small and incredibly lean physique is rather strong. Most believe that it is due to his natural magical abilities; he has actually been seen moving cars. his physical abilities, such as strength and speed, defy his body chemistry, which astounds his peers as well as adults, which has earned him his recent occupation. He has a couple markings on his skin; on his lower back is his birth mark in the shape of the Almaic symbol for the diety Avias. Etched onto his left shoulder is a black tattoo of a serpentine dragon creature with wide eagle wings.

Personality & Background

PersonalityNolkio's personality changes depending on the environment around him. When in a casual environment he is a quiet and uneventful lad that is rather average, save for the nightly disappearances. When in the presence of any underground organization he is a rather dark child with an almost malevolent stature. His grins are feral and his movements are moreso. He enjoys his job greatly no matter what it involves.
BackgroundNolkio Wraith does not remember his parents. He was left on the steps of an orphanage in the town of Havean when he was an infant. They assumed it was probably because the parents were young and couldn't take care of him, but they started to realize the following morning that that might have not been the reason. His pupils looked like a kobrei's and his teeth were slightly pointed. Throughout his early years he would have seriously bad tantrums, which required rigorous mental counciling to quell until they stopped. His last tantrum occured when he was out, and it was revealed when he easily smashed the hood of an aeromobile in to the point of it nearly rupturing it's fusion engine and causing it to explode that he had powers that were concealed within his bodice that no normal child possessed. He scared himself when he saw the damage he inflicted and never had a tantrum again. An off duty police official witnessed it all and told the story around the office, which eventually fell onto the ears of a K-COP member, who informed his superiors of the anomoly. Johall Wraith, a taurian weapons specialist for K-COP, offered to be the boy's caretaker and she went to the orphanage to request that she be Nolkio's mother. She drove him to the local K-COP headquarters in the nearby Barin mountain range; there Nolkio was instructed by her along with several other K-COP lead officials to be a spy, which he wanted to be after playing so many video games in the orphanage involving them. His training became his chief after school activity, along with missions he received. Nolkio quickly exceled in his studies due to the powers that resided within him, which is still a mystery as to how he received them.
LikesNolkio enjoys most thing his occupation allows him to do, especially fighting and going places he shouldn't and hearing things that he could use against others. But sparring is his favorite pasttime; nothing is better than a good fight with him. Though he seems like a bad guy he is rather nice to the general public. To his peers he has a variety of labels; most see him as the coolest kid on campus, some deem him a bully, but generally he as though of as just a nice regular ten-year-old tauri.
DislikesHe doesn't enjoy being denied a fight or a mission, especially if envolves the possiblity of a brawl. He reluctantly eats some of his vegetables because of their tastes, but knows they will help him build muscle so his outer matchs his inner physique. And he doesn't fancy the shows made for his age group and most modern forms of music, prefering calm cultural tunes that allow him to relax and think.
LocationNolkio is allowed to go wherever he wishes, since his job does that for him anyways, but his home with Johall is in Havean, somewhere in the middle of the triangle created by the town hall, the orphanage, and the K-COP Barin headquarters.
OccupationNolkio is a member of a covert military spy organization known as the Kantauri Covert Organization of Protection (K-COP). He serves as an undercover agent that eavesdrops on any conversation he assigned to, and sometimes is assigned to take out a confirmed threat to society. Basically, he's a spy.
Additional Info1) Nolkio resembles the humonculus known as Wrath on the anime show 'Fullmetal Alchemist'. 2) Nolkio frequently visits his friends back at the orphanage, one of the places where he is actually calm and pleasant to be around.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteNothing's better than a good old-fashion butt-whoopin'.