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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSelene Tungsten
SpeciesFentar-ashen Mix ( husky/wolf mix )
Height8' 2
Weight*gasp* How dare you! *smack*giggle*
SummaryA silver and white furred wolfess-craeture pads by you, large muscles rippling under her fur as she walks. Selene spies you eyeing her body and smiles brightly, giggling. "Hiya! My name's Selene; nice to meet ya." Her tail wags gently a bit, her beaming muzzle showing that she's a very playful wolfess; her eyes sparkle with playfulness, along with a serene aura as the flash underneath the white bangs of her hair. She casually strikes a pose, flexing a muscle in arm from under the sleeve of her black denim jacket, pressing against the side of her overly busty chest which is packed snuggly underneath a white tanktop. "Do you like 'em? I sure do," she giggles, her tail swishing against the rump of her red leather pants. Her ears perk when something catchs her attention, the hot pink, crimson, and black highlights in her air waving when that happens. She smiles down at you smiles at you, "Sorry, hon, but I'm being summoned. You can follow if you want," she yips, smiling as she pads away, being trailed by a pair of large silver and white wings.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThough slightly shaggy in appearance Selene's body fur is soft to the touch. Selene's fur is soft snow white on bright silver fur that covers most of her form. Her white fur covers her coy muzzle, her thin neck, her almost overly voluptuous chest, her slim toned stomach, her groin area, her rear end and under her tail, her thick calves, her thick yet delicate forearms and her dainty paws. The rest of her body is covered with the gleaming silver fur her species is known for.
Hair ColourShe has a sharp thin mullet of white hair that curves up over her forehead and down between her wing bases. Sometimes she has pink, crimson and black streaks in her hair. Other times she comes out with similar colors in her hair, but instead of being gelled up into a mullet her hair silkily drapes over her shoulders and down between her back.
Eye ColourSelene's alluring eyes are as gold as sunflowers with brown irises. Intimidating and gentle at the same time, if one stares into them long enough they end up being drawn to her.
ClothingOn very rare occasions when she's feeling overly ditzy and carefree she walks around in public wearing almost nothing. But she is a very modest gal so that's why it's rare. Selene is most commonly seen wearing the following uniform: a tight white t-shirt ( either blank or stating something witty about her body or magic abilities ) that doesn't quite cover her naval, a black denim jacket with sleeves that extend to her elbows with silver studs and buttons on the cuffs and chest pockets, crimson leather pants that snug her hips and legs tightly that reach down past her knees with a hole above her rear to let her curved fluffy husky tail swing freely, and sometimes a pair of brown high-lip sandles that reach to the bottom hems of her pant legs.
AccessoriesShe sometimes sports golden ear rings on her ear tips, several thin gold and silver bracelets on her forearms, and a two rings on both ring finger, one silver one gold and both with red rubys that gleam with magic. The most common accesory she has that she wears at all times is her necklace. Though inexpensive in appearance it is a very important piece to Selene. The necklace consists of a flexible black collar with a white clip in the back; hanging off of a large silver ring in the front, nestled in her cleavage a bright red glass container in the shape of a pyramid, the tip hidden deep between her feminine assets. The screw-on top is a dull silver, containing inside the translucent pyramid vial what appears to be some white powdery substance, probably something she uses for magical purposes, but no one knows what it is.
WeaponrySelene has no ability to use any type of weapon except for her magic. Her nails are incredibly sharp and her body over all, augmented by her massive musculature, make her a fierce opponent in her own right. And her uncanny ability to affectively use potions and incantations makes her even more dangerous. But she prefers peace and will only use these self-defense, or in the defense of others.
Outstanding FeaturesThe main distinguishing feature that is plainly obvious is her wings. The massive angelic appendages are pure white with silver sparkles near the tips of the feathers, each extending fifteen feet away from her form when stretched out. Another distinguishing feature that accounts partially for her wing's size is her body structure which is much more muscled than the average female, rivalling several male body-builders. Despite the well-cut features of her frame it by no means means that she is not as soft as any other female.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTwo words describe Selene: serene and playful. Whenever she is out she is one of those states of mind, or a combination of the two. She rarely ever gets angry. Sometimes her playful moods get out of hand and her carefree spirit kicks in to the extreme, causing her to do things like leave the house in less clothing than usual. But luckily ( or unluckily; it all depends ) that's on rare occasions.
BackgroundSelenium Gemepage Tungsten was born to Wolfram and his mate, Jem. Originally Selenium's family lived on the planet Vyioh, but then they moved to the planet New Saies when she was still a pup due to circumstances Selene can't remember. They lived peacefully for a few years before the Chaos War started. She, her parents, and her two elder siblings, Prisma and Cherance, managed to evade the grasp of Shaydon's officials for the majority of the war, but sometime in the middle Selene was captured on Des Volstgalph at the still tender of age of ten. She was forced into hard labor, being shipped all over the agrigultural Yaeda Quadrant, to unfamiliar planets she did not even know existed. Selene was alone, but an elderly female kitsune named Krona became a mother figure for her, and an eroscale dragon in his prime named Bhoron helped her survive during the torturous days of labor. The three friends bonded like a family and weren't seperated throughout the years, though Selene still thought of her own family. Krona transferred her skills as a Magician to Selene, believing that the knowledge may help them when in the hands of a youth that is more capable; the strong and intellectual Bhoron took notice of Selene's near inability to work because of her age and delicacy, and encouraged and assisted her in increasing her strength enough to manage, also schooling her seeing as that the Settians did not provide education for prisoners. Selene ended up enjoying Bhoron's methods, and really liked seeing the results, and she was intrigued by his and Krona's knowledge and practiced whenever she could. Throughout the years of being shipped from encampment to encampment Selene developed into a strong beautiful adult that could easily strike fear into a lone soldier. But on the inside she was still a gentle and delicate child. One night she succumbed to the fear of a nightmare that involved her family and wouldn't stop screaming until Krona, Bhoron, and nearly most of her fellow prisoners came to calm her. She couldn't take being away from them any longer and tried to find ways to get out. She and the others eventually discovered away to escape and fled to Earth, where they stayed until the end of the war. After it was safe she bid her farewells to her friends and set off on her own to search for her family. After a few months she found them in the same home on New Saies. Selene was so different compared to the innocent little girl they knew that her parents almost didn't accept that she was their daughter. They were relieved to know that she was faring well in her new lifestyle and took her new form in without question. Afterwards she traveled the stars in search for a place to call her own. She was thrust into the adult world that she was unfamiliar with in her travels, all she endured, the good and the bad, with mixed results. All these events have molded her into the vibrant bitch she is today.
LikesSelene loves being with people. Her friends are incredibly important to her and she will do whatever it takes to protect them, or anyone for that matter. She enjoys improving her form, expanding it in whatever way she can, subtly hinting to others that she likes to show it off in public. Well, sometimes not so subtly. In fact, forget subtly. She really enjoys growth in all forms and is not afraid to show it. When she's in the mood she also enjoys wrestling and brawling.
DislikesSelene doesn't have many known things she does not like or enjoy. One of the chief things she is known to hate is seeing weaker being picked on or pushed around by those bigger or stronger than them. When she sees that, even when she doesn't know either of them at all, she'll step in and tell the aggressor to knock it off, almost in a threatening way.
LocationA 'quaint little palace' she constructed with her own two paws, hidden amidst a forest a few miles from BigFurs college.
OccupationSurprisingly for Selene's character, the job that brings in the bread for her is as a scienctist that studies atoms and elements and their chemical reactions. She takes as much pride in her intellect as she does in her body, though her body is more well known to the public. But her job is only part time and most of the time she is seen at the local gym, spotting for newbies and helping in whatever way she can. Most think this her real job. Also, she runs a private little business where she sells potions of all kinds to the few people who call her for assistance. Of course her training in the field of atomic chemistry helps make these potions, but most think as some form of witch.
Additional Info1) Her full first name Selenium, but she prefers to be called Selene, because to her it sounds more like a real name and not an element. 2) The substance that Selene keeps stored away in her crystal-shaped container on her necklace is a special salt-like compound that she created herself; it's her own special stash of her growth formula, which is rather popular with the locals. Her formula usually contains some extra compound to make the experience with her growth more interesting, including but not limited to controlled or uncontrolled growth, limited growth, growth to specific areas of her body, or even aphrodisiastic behavior.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Your friendly neighbor body-building alchemist at your service!"