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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJake Ridgeman
SpeciesSwift Fox
Height8ft 9in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is black except for some brown on the lower part of his muzzle near his throat and the very tips of his ears have brown on them aswell.
Eye Coloura Deep silver color
ClothingHe wears a black shirt, a black vest with many pockets. Aswell a dark brown coat, a pair of black khaki's and a pair of black boots and a dark brown belt
Accessoriescarries a medium sized backpack and a pair of satchels. Around his neck is a black leather collar with his name written in red, it also has silver spiked studs in it. There are also weighted bands on his wrists and ankles
WeaponryA kuroi tatsujin katana in a sheath on his vest is a large Dagger he also carries a cross bow with many custom made bolts
Outstanding FeaturesHis muscular body aswell as his ability to reach high speeds in an instant He also has a few energy type powers and the explicit knowledge to use alchemy.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is friendly enough likes to spar and relax is really quiet at times but then he can be a bit silly if he wants.
BackgroundLived a normal life his father got him and his brother into thieving being taught the trade rather easily he had been learning alchemy aswell and had finished it first. He began stealing in a city with his brother the items they stole usually ended up in his Pawnshop to be sold the pawnshop itself being behind the theater in a seperate building. eventually when Riley was caught by police some time ago it was Jake who got riley out useing his alchemy to destroy about half of E wing of the prison and set free about a dozen other prisoners in the midst with Riley they soon escaped rather easily and began hideing then for some odd reason he lost track of Riley like someone was keeping him or something of that nature.
LikesSparring, valuable items, testing his thieving skills. aswell Pizza and cola.
LocationRennik City in the abandoned theater
OccupationThief/pawnshop owner
Additional InfoHe Relies on his speed to get around able to be faster than sound and still getting faster each day while he trains in the large secret room of the theater. He is known as the Quicksilver Thief.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteObserve Er, the digital n*ds. The Principal will detest haveing his n*ds presented in such a manner. You aint paintin on no school, it's a da*n rock and i like to rock. I will rock your face! ~Spacecataz-ATHF~