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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTsubasa Nishiimura
SpeciesLuruku Island Dimar
Height17 ft at the shoulder
Weightapproximatly 3 tons
SummaryTsubasa Nishiimura, is an alpha female Luruku Island Dimar. She is a large rare white Dimar. From nose to tail she is 112 feet. Most of that lenth is her powerful tail, which is muscular similar to a snakes. Her wing span is approximately 115 feet for her forewings and 43 ft for her tail wing. she is also venomous. Tsubasa's speacies are not TRUE dragons, but are a dragonlike form of monotreme that have some marsupial characteristics.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite upper body fur, longer and mink soft, Faint silver grey stryping. Under belly fur is also white.
Hair Colourhead/mane tail mane is pale ice blue and silver stripped
Eye ColourSilver blue, and subject to change with my mood, no obvious pupil. upper outer eyelid, lower inner eyelid, and a second inner eyelid (nictitating membrane
Clothingim noodie
Accessoriessix silver bangles in my left ear, one diamond cut bangle in the right,
Weaponrymore like an ability or self defense, I generate lightning.
Outstanding FeaturesMy dark blu spotted tongue, long slender legs of a runner,

Personality & Background

Personalitydepends on the channel weather
Backgroundyou dun want to get into that
LikesJapanese music, culture, men, dragons, orcas and candy
DislikesGod moders, posers, bigots, stupidty
LocationWestchester California
OccupationProfessional Portrait photographer and I also work at Target

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Hey miss girl's very fond of child.." - Dir en Grey

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