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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCorrin Marcus
Height7ft 3in
SummaryHe is a well known gunfighter and swordsman, also known for his powers and musical ability when relaxing. He does enjoy sparring quite a bit.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark rusty red with black stripes
Hair Coloursame as above
Eye ColourThey are eyes of a feline of course
ClothingWears a pair of army green cargo khaki pants that have a black belt around the waist with a gold buckle on it. He also has a few weapons straps around his torso. There are a pair of Dark brown boots on his feet.
Accessoriesa silver chain in the shape of an X around his waist, aswell a chain around his left leg. Two Sets of heavy chains around his wrists. There is a small pack on his left side. He carries with him an Electric guitar and a flute. He has a gold chain with a locket on it around his neck.
WeaponryA pair of .45 colt revolvers and two Daggers known as fang daggers for their shape and sharpness. He carries throwing knives aswell. He has Received a new Japanese Katana called Rizensho.
Outstanding FeaturesHe has a large scar below his left eye, his body build being well toned and athletic giveing him an unusual amount of strength and speed

Personality & Background

PersonalityA freindly easy to get along with guy but has a good temper on him normally laid back.
BackgroundLearned to play music at a young age. Though since he was basicaly the only one of his kind at such a young age he didn't play music much for anyone exept himself. He was picked on at school because of let's just say his 'rareness' But possibly had only one friend. Eventually though he began spending most of his time at the movies mostly seeing westerns or military movies the one military ones that had the soldier useing only a knife. After getting older he began working on learning several fighting styles with a pair of revolvers and knives eventually he decided to become an assassin takeing on contracts most on every few weeks or months depending on how long it takes him he is currently traveling.
LikesSparring, messing with furs or just scareing someone if he can manage it in a jokeing way
Dislikesbeing picked up by the tail or neck
LocationHis hometown is a mansion in a place called Granzi city but he really just wanders.
Additional InfoHe has slight telekinetic powers atleast enough to read minds.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteYour sure he can't get through that? Well, slightly positive...