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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKameo
Height200 ft (5'11 in normal size)
WeightGive a guess...I bet you'll be wrong
SummaryYou spot a beautiful gray wolfess in front of you, shapely in all the right places, you think to yourself. Her fur is like any other wolf you have seen before, gray with a white underbelly that begins from her chin down to her inner thighs. What is different is her deep purple hair, hanging down to her waist in a purple curtain over her back. She turns and her blue eyes meet yours from behind her small pair of reading glasses. She is wearing a skimpy black bikini top, barely containing her large D-cup breasts, a short black mini skirt riding high up her strong muscular legs, and a guarder belt. A glint at her flat stomach turns your attention to the piercing in her navel, a small golden ring, and then to her paw is another golden ring on her ring finger along with black leather fighting gloves, her grey furred fingers exposed. Around her neck is a small leather choker with a small dog tag dangling down, giving a soft jingle as she moved. When you say nothing she just gives a small smile then turns to leave, you notice just at her tail base, she also wears a spiked ring around her long furry tail and a white tip at the end. On her legs are shin guards, black leather from just above her ankles and up to just under her knees.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey Fur with a white fur underbelly
Hair Colourpurple hair
Eye Colourblue eyes

Personality & Background

Personalitycuddlie and snugglie
Likessnuggles and cute guys
Dislikeshates mean furries

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