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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTobin Kershan
Height7ft 5in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark grey with a lighter grey from his chin down to his thighs
Hair Colourdark brown and mid length
Eye ColourThey are a shade of dark blue
ClothingWears a pair of black and white sneakers. Wears Dark brown Khakis with a black leather belt around his waist. Also wears a black a-shirt a dark red vest over it that has a picture of a dagger and handgun crossed over each other on the back. on his head a black bandana that holds up his hair slightly
Accessoriesa silver chain around his neck. Four black chains, one around each wrist and one around each ankle. A back pack that has assorted colors of spraypaint cans in it aswell.
WeaponryCarries a wooden Louieville Slugger. A Dagger at his right side. Behind him under his belt he also carries a .45 magnum Semi-automatic handgun. There is a pair of masamunes at his sides. Carries a Midnight Blue paint spray can aswell. (Not really a weapon but can be considered one of course.)
Outstanding FeaturesHe has a few scars across his body from several fights

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's a serious kinda guy that normally just jokes with his friends, can be quite violent at times. But he's a nice guy if he make the effort to get to know you and if someone makes an effort to get to know him.
BackgroundHe lived along a normal life grew up with a slight temper and got in quite a few fights when he was still in school. He was in a gang for a few years and on a routine mugging he ended up killing an actual assassin, that's how he became part of that assassins sect and eventually had become famous for his assassinations, though now he has gotten bored of his life of an assassin since he hasn't been able to pal around with anyone for a while. He decided to drop out of his sect and rejoin his gang after a long reinitiation so he can hang around friends. Though he is still hounded by his former sect now.
LikesMakeing friends when he can, Sparring and hanging out with his current friends.
DislikesBad news?
LocationWith his gang(The Midnights)in Hannedy city(Buisiness district).
OccupationGang Memberex-assassin
Additional InfoHe has power over certain elements. Wears a flack jacket beneath his clothes. He's started carrying a (Midnight blue) spraypaint can again covered in black tape. Drives a Motorcycle, a Honda NightHawk with the gastank painted black.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWhat's the matter?! I'ma beat the crap outta you!