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Vital Statistics!

Character NameT'Yena Shenzi
SpeciesGira-Fentarin Lycan ( Hyena )
Height6' 1"
SummaryYou spy an anthropomorphic female hyena padding by snacking on what appears to be a bread stick. She gulps it down and licks her lips, patting a stomach that is larger than the stomachs of other females around. In fact her body structure seems normal and not like that of a super-models. But by the look on her muzzle she is proud of her plumpness apparently. The creature has the classic prints of a hyena stretched out over her anthro form, faded brown covering most of her body with a more tan underbelly. A mane of long black hair runs from the back of her neck to where her headfur starts, which is just as black; a few strands of her hair fall over her yellow and brown eyes that see you look at her. She merely grins though and acts as if she didn't see you, except for the fact that her short fluffy tail wags.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShenzi's body fur is not completely similar to that of the average Lycan or hyena. Her muzzle isn't covered with dark fur most of her species has. Instead her muzzle is the same color as the fur that covers her back, which is actually greyish brown in color. Her underbelly fur, which covers her neck, chest, stomach, and crotch, is tanish in color. The area around her eyes, her paws and forearms, her lower legs, and a few plotchs on her lower back and rump are a light ebony color. Her ears are as black as night, along with the outline of her scruffy tail.
Hair ColourA mane of long black hair runs from the back of her neck to where her headfur starts, which is just as black. A few strands of her hair fall over her eyes.
Eye ColourHer eyes consist of dark brown iris's, glistening with a hint of mischief. Instead of the rest of her eye being white it is yellow.
ClothingIf she's not wearing the uniform for whatever eatery she works for at the time you meet her, she's probably wearing black or red jeans and a white t-shirt that lets a bit of her tubby stomach be shown underneath.
AccessoriesShe often wears a belt with silver studs around her waist, and she has a pair of long gold looped earrings that dangle from her ears. Sometimes she keeps a tape measure in her pocket, but no one knows why.
WeaponryShenzi's not a fighter, she's an eater. That's why her teeth are her main weapons.
Outstanding FeaturesCompared to other females around the galaxy, her build is actually... normal. Her form is not supermodel quality, nor does she have voluptious bust. Although she has not too far from it. Judging by the size of her stomach she had apparently stopped being on a diet or something a few weeks ago. But one thing that is actually extraordinary is that sprouting from her back are a pair of black-feathered wings. They don't look like they've been used for sometime though; sometimes she forgets she even has them.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShenzi has a pleasant personality, though she can be as sly as a fox. She could be considered a wise sage with a more casual air and without all the robes and meditation. But when it comes to wanting things she likes she can be very manipulative, and even sensual.
BackgroundT'Yena Shenzi was born on the plains of Gieoran, to her mother T'Ineka. Her father, Leoree, was the leader of a nomadic group of lycans that travelled the plains searching for a nice place to live. During their travels, T'Yena grew into a lean bitch that played with the pups that grew along with her. But their travels didn't consist of a lot of food, and finding it was difficult. She was often very hungry; for some reason she was more hungry then everyone else around. But eventually the pack came across a small settlement known as Kafate, and they joined the citizens that already lived their. The settlement grew rapidly into a prosperous city. But T'Yena didn't grow quite as well. She still was very skinny and often hungry because the females around her told her that eating too much makes one fat and not as attractive as someone who was lean like her. Despite her agreement she still longed for food. One day, out travelling to look for a job she came across a place known as BigFurs, and happened to come across an incident that changed her life. She saw came across a pair of rather chubby female furs in a restaurant that were eating to their hearts content ( or their bellies content, though it was hard to judge how large that content was ). She marveled at them and visited for a while, curiously asking questions, especially about how they accepted themselves the way they were. She stayed and visited them for a while, and eventually the two coaxed her into her first splurge. And, oh, did it feel so good. At the moment she decided to heck what those other females said. She wanted food and she wasn't going to let anything stop her from eating what she wanted. Later on she came across the problem of having to deal with being accepted because of her size. But during that time she had grown to like fattness thanks to the two chubby fems she met. So she continued eating. Now she's a content and bubbly lycan that gladly accepts her form whatever it may be.
LikesShenzi has always loved food, though in the past it was known that fat isn't really looked upon as being pretty. But recently she has encountered other fat furs and was encouraged to engorge herself despite what others thought of her form. So she loves food, and has also grown to like fat, whether it be on her or others. And she doesn't care whether it's a little or a ton of fat either. Upon visiting areas around BigFurs she witnessed one peculiar event where a fur actually grew tremendously fat, and from then on she enjoyed growth as well, and really enjoyed the especially fat furs. But enough on food stuffs. She enjoys being with friends and being coy whenever she can. She tries to give whatever helpful advice she can to her friends whenever possible.
DislikesShe doesn't like seeing an empty fridge, long lines at fast-food restraunts, or empty space on grocery shelves where her favorite foods are supposed to be.
LocationHer present residence is in the suburbs of the city Kafate on the planet Gieoran. But she appears around the BigFurs area on occasion.
OccupationShenzi has traveled from restaurant to cafeteria to fast-food joints, trying to find a place that would 'fit her appetite' the best.
Additional Info( Just think Shenzi from the Lion King, anthropomorphisized. :P )

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Oh, I could just eat ( insert pronoun here ) up!"