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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRodent
SpeciesAnthro Rat
Height3 feet
SummaryRodent is a small, rat-like creature, 3 feet tall at the shoulder, when standing upright. Short, well groomed fur of a light-brown complexion covers his body. His face extends forward in a long, whiskered snout, wearing a natural cheerfulness many view as being almost comical. Green eyes stare out with an aura of a whimsical mirth; though to gaze deeper would reveal an astute wisdom. They are forgiving eyes that know of fear and hatred, though remain tempered by kindness. He has forgone the usage of garments, finding them awkward to maneuver in and generally uncomfortable. He usually appear defenseless and unarmed, save for the short, sharp claws on each foot and the pointed, glistening incisors within his jaws.