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Birdseed? But yeah, she'll prolly not go this big often.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameViolet
AgeChooses not to reveal.
HeightUsually 9ft
WeightBad! bad viewer!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourViolet is 'coated' in a nice warm and soft series of featherworks. For the most part she has black feathers. But starting at her neck and going all the way down, stopping at her legs, is a red stripe. The width of said stripe is about that of her neck. Seeing as she is a bird, and they do have 'scales' they should be mentioned as well. Like 'most' her arm 'scales' start just below her Elblows, and her leg 'scales' start around her knees. Said scales are a dull yellow/grey color.
Hair ColourHer 'head fur', or hair really, is a blood red color that's almost silky to the touch. It cascades all the way down to her rump. Occassionally a clump of strands will find their way over her shoulder and to her front.
Eye ColourHer eyes are but a pure silver color, no pupil or iris. Despite their dark look, they always seem to carry a soft and kind look in them.
ClothingFor the most part, she doesn't wear clothing, for her feathers cover all of her bits. But, if the occassion or place calls for it, she'll happily put on some article of clothing she owns.
AccessoriesHer large pendent which seems to nestle itself nicely by her impressive (or not so impressive.) bust. Something else that one could consider an Accessory would have to be her 'shackles' which she has had on for about as long as she can remember. She has one on each of her wrists, each of her ankles, and a collar like one around her neck, which supports the pendant. The pendant itself has a nice large sapphire in it.
WeaponryHer..claws? maybe her feet if she big enough?
Outstanding FeaturesWell, for one would be her wingspan. At her usual Nine foot size, her wings carry a good fifteen foot span from tip to tip. Her hair length would probably be a distinguishing feature, as only probably a handful of furs rival it. Being a phoenix count as one?

Personality & Background

PersonalityViolet could be considered a motherly figure, or she could not, all depends on how people think of it. For the most part she is kind, and she enjoys making people feel better, or warming them up with her feathers. She can get angry though, sometimes easier to anger then other times. For the most part at least she's kind. Though, if she ever seems to be down, it's just because she's feeling a bit alone, but that happens to everyone anyway.
BackgroundViolet has issues remembering her own past, but what she can recall is that she used to live peacefully in a village hidden in the vast amounts of forest that used to be all over the planet. She only had one probably with being there, all the males seemed to be attracted to her because of her rare breed, that and she could size shift and the males overly enjoyed that. She finally had enough and left the village, having no parents there she had no problem leaving. She wandered on her own for years upon years, stopping and living in villages untill she felt her time there was spent. She's not even sure how old she is anymore, as phoenix's tended to live longer then their memory.
LikesViolet enjoys making new friends, hanging out with not so new or age-old friends she's had for a long time. She absolutely loves it when her wings are played with or rubbed. She enjoys growing as much as she enjoys seeing others grow, though which she enjoys more is a secret of hers. Snuggle, cuddling, nuzzling, warming others up in general.
DislikesShe HATES it when people pretend to be her friend just for..things. She dislikes being alone, so she sometimes does mistake real friendship for fake. She doesn't like it when people handle her pendant without asking, as it's a pain to get on and off the collar.
OccupationUh..none? maybe gaurdian of a forest if she could get that one.

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