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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSilverfang
Height7ft 3 ins

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey fur mostly, black paws, with a white sliver running from muzzle to belly. Though in places of scars, the fur is darker or lighter then the rest of his pelt.
Hair ColourBrown and down the base of the neck that usualy shaggy in appearance.
Eye ColourSteel blue with a hint of yellow, have been known to glow on occasions of extreme emotion
ClothingTorn up jeans or surfer shorts, sometimes a overshirt with torn arms
AccessoriesChain running from front to back of jeans, his right fang is actually silver, for a werewolf this would have killed , but since it was there proir to his first shift , he became immune to its affects and its where his name is derived from
WeaponryAll the usual werewolf traits, claws, teeth though usually passive but will get violent when needed
Outstanding FeaturesA silver tooth on the right hand / paw side of his upper jaw, and various scarings over his body, including one on his upper right of his chest from being impaled in a fight.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEasy going though quick to fly off the handle if annoyed. Will help those that are his friends, usually putting himself out to do so.
BackgroundOriginally born as a werewolf but with human parents, the werewolf traits came from a third parent and carried in his genes until he first shifted in his early twentys and leaned about his past, but was pursued for what he became along with the rest of the pack that adopted him. He found solice at BF after a few months of wondering the world and finally found a place he was welcome. Though at times his past does torment him, he tries to hide it but the scars are plain to see from the mitary testing he was subjected to soon after he'd shifted. In a fight he is like an animal, letting the intincts take over totally, few have survived the encounter when the animal within him was released though this side of him is rarely shown. his instincts show through when others are in need, has been known to put his life on the line and almost killed. He encountered 4 elementals whom enfused him with the power to hear the earth and its needs, carrying out actions to repair the damage that mankind had inflicked upon it, doing their asking and rewarded with the strength to do it. He found his purpose and now moves within the shadows carrying out actions to prevent Mankind from killing its home planet
LikesMetal music, classic cars, PC games, RC cars the internet, friends, Art, writing, lego, rock Music.
DislikesAnnoying people who can't take a hint,
Locationliving wherever feels like home

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Theres always a point between winning and disaster, i was about 5 miles away by the time i stopped"

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