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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJoe Cooper
Height7ft 3in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark brown with a light brown along his belly down to his thighs.
Hair ColourMid-length and Fire red with black on the ends.
Eye ColourDark brown with a slight gold lineing.
ClothingHe is usually seen wearing the Camo uniform most well suited for the area he is gonna be in. But the one he wears the Most is and Olive drab uniform the shirt covered by a vest with Central Army printed on the black. Also wears black boots, an old military helmet or a Black Beret when not wearing the helmet. Wears also a black leather belt with Boxes to hold items or weapons. Over his left eye is an eyepatch with electrical sensors for various purposes (thouh he does have full use of both eyes.) he also wears a pair of black gloves.
AccessoriesThe Standard Military Radio, Dogtags and canteen. Aswell he carries a small ring on a little slver chain that has a special significance to him.
WeaponryStandard Issue Weaponry: 9mm pistol Combat Knife and M-16 Rifle.Aswell fragmentation grenades along with stun, smoke and incendiaries. He has Decided to carry unauthorized weaponry a large Broadsword called Harveld and a Japanese katana called Minshino.
Outstanding FeaturesThe unnatural coloring of his eyes and his speed. His body build is Muscular. Also a burn on the back of his neck in the shape of a Star.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is an easy going guy serious enough when he has to be but he likes to relax.
BackgroundLived normally for most of his life never had a problem growing up he did though get into many fights where he was beaten a little but most times won. Eventually he decided to join the Army working his way up to Sergeant and has recently become a Major.
LikesFriends,Fun, causeing a little mischeif and sparring.
LocationOn the Army Base or in his home at Rezlen city
Additional InfoDogtag Information: Name: Joseph 'King' Cooper, Mark(Middle name) Rank: Major Age: 25 Birthdate: December 25th 1980 bloodtype: O Negative Nationality: USA Serial number: 1378CJ37 He has a modified Tank known as "King" Design after an Abrahms it is far from it. it has a 148mm main cannon the length of it has been extended to about 407in that being along with the turret foreward and it also has two Fifty Calibur machineguns mounted upon it. The tanks paint job is black with flame design. The Tank can go an access of 60MPH. (Thanks to it's modified engine and treads.) It even goes so far as to have strenthened steel plateing without adding weight to the tank itself it weighing 65tons.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWhat happened to Spoon?! There is no Spoon. ~Lines from the Movie Dog Soldiers~