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Tannis encountering a sexy bat

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTannis
Height5' 7
SummaryTannis is a coyote morph. 5' 7" tall and weighing 155 lbs, he is relatively young, at 22 years of age. Slender of build, his muscles are well toned for both quickness and endurance. Light brown fur adorns his arms, legs and ears; while a dusty gray coloration fills out his face, body and tail, with white along his chest, neck and muzzle. He stands with an energetic posture, golden eyes gazing out with a sense of awe and determination at a world he still sees as wonderous and enticing. He yet maintains the confidence and pride of a fledgling warrior, but his thoughts and appearance have changed. No longer does he wear the painted stripes of a warrior upon his cheeks. No longer does he view others as a form of competition. Instead he now tries to master the arts of friendship and understanding towards those who are different than him. But he also has a playful side, and doesn't see the harm in playing tricks on others when the opportunity might arise. His garb is simple. A pair of shorts, and a brown vest. Proud of his body and enjoying the feel of nature around him, he goes without a shirt or shoes. He often wears a backpack, when out hiking for any extended period. Within he keeps enough supplies to deal with an emergency, but otherwise he tries to live off the land where possible. Likewise, he travels without a weapon, using his natural abilities when hunting for food, while presenting himself as non-threatening to those he would hope to call friend. Like all young adults, he is uncertain about many things in the world, but tends to act like he knows more than he does. He has a penchant towards action and hates to sit around, cuddling with others. It's simply in his nature to seek out adventure and perhaps a bit of mischief.