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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNekhu Ironblade
Weight302 lb
SummaryNekhu is a 7ft male tiger with a dark blue streak down the middle of his chest, and another dark blue streak down his back. His hair is dark blue and shoulder length. His eyes are roughly blue. He has an amulet that hangs from his neck. He has a katana made from a magical unbreakable glass.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOrange with black stripes (Who saw that one coming? XP), his lower face, chest, inner arms, stomach, and inner thighs are white. A significance is that he has a dark blue streak going down the middle of his chest, and another going down his back. Both of which overlay any stripes.
Hair ColourHis hair is a very dark blue, the same color as the streaks on his body. It is also fairly wild, and is roughly shoulder-length.
Eye ColourHis eyes are rather unique. They gradient from a light blue-green to a light blue-purple.
Accessories- A necklace. It's a small amulet with a silver circle frame. On each compass point on the inside of this frame, lies a tiny sapphire jewel. In the center of the amulet is a far larger, yet still small sapphire jewel bound to the frame with four silver wires, each one connecting to the frame at the point exactly between the four other sapphire jewels. This amulet is wrapped around Nekhu's neck with a fairly plain black string. - Sunglasses with narrow rectangular lenses. They are usually positioned so he can easily see over the top of them.
WeaponryNekhu is fairly skilled with his Dahrendahl glass katana. It's forged from a magical type of glass which is unbreakable, and can be made sharper than near any steel blade. However, practicing swordsmanship is merely a hobby for him.
Outstanding FeaturesNekhu has been in a fair share of battles. Therefore, he has a few scars. There is a large somewhat diagonal one across his stomach, and a claw-like set of scars across his left cheek.

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