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June 4, 2020, 03:14:01 PM
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Thanks to NightBunny for the pic, and thanks to Aurora for the new colouring.

Vital Statistics!

Character NamePixelSkunk
Speciesskunk rabbit mix
Weight160lbs (72.5kg)
SummaryPixel, who also answers to the name Scooter, is a 25-year-old anthro striped skunk-rabbit hybrid, but judging by appearance, he looks more like he's 18. While he doesn't have legs shaped like those of a rabbit (his legs just appear stronger and more toned than the rest of his body), his ears, through their length, make his rabbit heritage obvious. Also showing some of his rabbit half is his two top front teeth being slightly larger than usual and having a tendency to stick out when his mouth is closed. Only his very closest friends know his real name, but Scooter became a common nickname for him because his kick scooter is his preferred method of short-distance transportation. He is also called Pixel, because he is not usually seen without his digital camera.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourchocolate and vanilla
Hair Colourcaramel
Eye Colourhazel
Clothingusual outfit consists of red vest or yellow winter coat, and blue or black jeans
Accessorieskick scooter with green wheels, and a digital camera

Personality & Background

PersonalityI'm very friendly, but my mind tends to wander to random topics.
Likesdrum-n-bass music, candy (especially dark chocolate), fighting games and music games, winter, and taking pictures
Dislikestrance and mainstream rap music, hot weather, and losing stuff
LocationKentucky, USA

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"If you're looking to find purpose, you needn't look any further than where you placed it." --Aubrin

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